Class of 2008

Our 20th class was smaller than most.  We took the same number of clients, but many of them didn't get the LSAT score they wanted, or didn't take the LSAT because they didn't feel prepared. Nonetheless, the people who managed to submit applications are doing quite well.  

Of course, my clients are as susceptible as the rest of the applicants to the "Hold and Wait" epidemic of '08, so I measure success partly by the lack of rejections.  Actual acceptances are hard to come by.

Amanda's big news is that she's been admitted to Northwestern.  It's not her first offer, and perhaps not the best, but certainly the most unexpected. I wish I could have recorded that phone call:  she was so bubbling over it was hard to understand what she was saying. The essence of the message was, "I'm so excited!  I'm so glad I did everything you said, no matter how obnoxious you were."  And so am I; I don't mind being a pain if it works.

I saw Amanda again when I was in Chicago in August; she was thrilled with her summer orientation program, sponsored by one of the big law firms in the city. School hadn't started yet, so she was more excited than exhausted -- at least for the moment.

Ashley was admitted to Minnesota a while ago, then fell into the LSAT-not-quite-high-enough limbo everywhere else.  Finally, after almost two months, she got into Emory and Cornell on the same day. After a month or so of thinking that Cornell would be her school, she got a last-minute call from Georgetown and headed for DC.

Carlos J. has six acceptances: Seton Hall, Villanova, Rutgers Newark, Northeastern, Cardozo, and CLEO. He's still waiting to hear from his reaches, but the day he heard from Rutgers Newark he said, "If this is my best acceptance, I'll be more than satisfied.   Although I agree that we've fulfilled his goal of attending a top school in the northeast, I'm still waiting on results from a few more. Carlos did well at CLEO, then headed off to Wisconsin. I saw him in Chicago the weekend after school started, and owe him a large public apology for nearly standing him up.  

Carlos R. has acceptances at Ohio State and Wisconsin, as well as at CLEO.    We're still waiting to hear about financial aid, but it will take a great offer to beat what Wisconsin can give him:  Mom's home cooking.  That great offer did come, though: neighboring Minnesota offers a great education and Mom's cooking .    

2011 Update: Carlos called to tell me that he's graduating, employed, and beginning to study for the Bar Exam.

Chao has a seat at Iowa, but all her waitlist hopes were trumped by bigger news -- a baby!  She took a deferral, and now we're waiting to see how family life and law school will mesh.

Charmaine will attend #1 choice Florida A & M [FAMU], withdrawing all her other apps.

Christina joined us at the same dinner. She's been admitted to Case Western, and her name's on a few wait lists. Unfortunately, 2008 was not a year for wait list action.

Corlandos (in the 2007 Atlanta Forum photo) had three early offers: Connecticut, Rutgers Newark, and Michigan! Needless to say, he has a decided preference among these three, but he has many more to hear from.   For a while, Michigan and Cornell fought over him, but they both almost lost him -- not to another school, but for a chance at a role in a movie.  Ultimately he decided that law school was much more of a certainty than a Hollywood audition, and I saw him happily settled in at Ann Arbor that fall, when we had a bite at Zingerman's.  Dean of Admissions Sarah Zearfoss promised me a photo of him in an indiscreet moment, and if it arrives, he'll get his own page.

2011: The photo of Corlandos in the Law Revue never arrived, but a graduation invitation did.

Don is tied to the DC area because of his work at the Patent office (USPTO); he's been admitted to Catholic and American He's decided to attend American in the evening and let the patent office [USPTO] pick up the tab.

2009: Since the Patent Office wasn't paying tuition in 2009, Don moved on to George Washington. We had a lovely brunch at Krupin's (now Morty's) Deli to discuss the transfer.

Estina attended Cleveland State's LCOP program. She did great there, and is now settled in to a new apartment in Shaker Heights and looking great when I had dinner with her about a week before school started. Before her first year is even over she has a summer job lined up at Jones Day.

Garry gets the Cliff-Hanger of the Year Award. He had been admitted to Cleveland State, but was on Ohio State's wait list. He spent his summer at CLEO, where his grades and inimitable interview style impressed the rep from Pittsburgh.

On August 10 he called me in a panic, saying "What will I do? I don't even know where I'm going!"
And since Gary lived here in Seattle, I told him, "Yes you do: east. Start driving and call me when you hit Chicago."
The gods of the wait list smiled upon him, and somewhere near Madison Wisconsin his phone rang. Two days later he was apartment-hunting in Pittsburgh.

H. had been been admitted to Temple (near home) and Ohio State (prestigious, but distant), and was praying for a seat at George Washington. Her beyond-stellar grades rewarded her prayers with a seat in July. 

2008: Since H. never gave permission to be named, I can tell this story. The first semester was spent in DC, while the family remained in Philly, and the grades were top 10%. Second semester this student decided to spend weekends at home, and finished in the bottom 10%. Law School and commuting are not a good mix.

J. [who prefers not to be named] has a slew of acceptances.  The early offers came from Boston College, Iowa, Vanderbilt, and Virginia, as well as CLEO.  Then he was blessed with an acceptance at Berkeley, and truly surprised me by leaving his southern home to attend there.

Juan is attending Pittsburgh, which is apparently keeping him very busy; I haven't heard a peep from him except a "Hi" sent through Gary.

Marcia had offers from Cleveland State and Texas Southern, and chose to stay in Houston for reasons of the heart [a/k/a/ George]; she was also admitted to South Texas, and is very happy with that result. She squeezed in a wedding to George, the love of her life, just before starting school at South Texas. Congratulations twice! 

Nadia got off to a quick start with Georgetown.  I don't know if she got other offers, since we didn't stay in touch.

Neerav was been admitted to two of the three Texas schools on his list -- SMU and Houston; he anxiously awaited news from U of Texas, and the phone call finally came! He is now officially a Texas Longhorn.

Nic's admission is old news; he's already sweating about finals at South Texas. A family illness caused him to quit his job and move home.  Rather than find himself at odds for several months, he chose to apply for January admittance. 

Rocky's heard from Valparaiso and Drexel, but we're expecting a few more offers yet.  In the end she chose Drexel over both Northeastern and Lewis and Clark, proving once again that money talks.

Walton got boxed in by military regulations that excluded many of the schools to which he'd applied. Indiana at Indianapolis is the school that satisfied him, wife Elaine, and the USAF.

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