2007 -- Backlash!

I've embarrassed myself.  

Last year I had a new digital camera to play with, and I made a fool of myself with it.   I took pictures of almost every single client. This year I showed a little more restraint. I also messed up while I was uploading a batch of photos and lost them, so sadly, I have photos of only a handful of my clients.  

This list is in approximately chronological order; people and schools get added as I hear, so don't look for any internal logic in the list.  

Tami Dau got into Penn Dental, her #1 choice.  She'll look at the hometown school just in case, but she's finished sitting by the mailbox.  Congratulations! 

Late update: the hometown school, the University of Washington, won.  I think the elevation of boyfriend to fiance was the deciding factor.

You didn't know I took dental school applicants?  Yes, and medical and business school, too, but only in  the spring, when I'm finished with the year's law school applicants. 

John got into Boston U, another nice first.  He followed up with Cornell, Notre Dame and Michigan in short order.  Since Michigan is home, he's happy as an Italian eating dinner with his acceptance.  He lives so close that he may not even have to move.

Raj got an offer at Fordham just before Thanksgiving.  Then he waited patiently to hear from someone else.  On January 12, he ran out of patience:  he  wrote, "oh sweet jesus, have these people never heard of e-mail????? i need a cigarette."  (I should mention that Raj doesn't smoke.)  By the 13th, he was singing a different tune, literally:


Rodney 's first acceptance was from George Washington, so he's a happy camper. His second acceptance was at Wisconsin.  But the one at UCLA made him much happier.  He made it to the wait list at Michigan, and a mid-summer night's dream really came true. 

And there he sat until about the 4th of July.  Then came the phone call.  Now Rodney's having to learn that football song; I'm sure Raj and John will help him.  

Sanober got into Illinois, as well as some Canadian schools; her toughest decision will be what country she wants. In the end, I believe her parents and the devaluation of the dollar made Canada the winner.

Yousuf was admitted to DePaul, Case Western, Ohio State and Temple before we had time to even consider his career prospects.  Then Wisconsin came through.  Since that's the home turf, with accompanying low tuition, he's withdrawing all his other apps.  He's pretty happy, I think.  (He's studying in China and we mostly email, so it's hard to tell.) 

Jaron was admitted to Cleveland State, and was planning to attend after he completing CLEO.  But the folks at UMKC, the CLEO host school, liked him so much that he decided to stay in Missouri.

Meredith got her acceptance letters to CLEO and William Mitchell Law School on the same day. A bit later she was admitted to Wisconsin.  This was #2 pick, behind the home school (the other UW), so she's withdrawing all other apps and preparing to move to Madison. 

Stacey got into Georgetown, then added Hastings and Wisconsin to her list, so she could choose which coast she'd like to live on during law school.  She turned down CLEO for the chance to spend time in South America this summer and returned in time to attend Georgetown

Alicenne and Kris want to attend law school together and told schools that with their applications.  So far, it seems to have made a difference; they've both been admitted to William Mitchell, Albany, Oregon, Rutgers Newark and SUNY Buffalo.  Kris added Minnesota to his list, but since he and Alicenne would rather be on the east coast than in the midwest,  Rutgers wound up the winner after much deliberation.  

Nick has a seat at U. of Houston, and has eyes for nothing else.  He won't need to relocate his family, and he can keep his job as a patent agent while attending school at night, so he withdrew his name from wait lists at Texas and Georgetown.  

Raphael was admitted to Ohio State, and with a very generous financial aid offer.  He's also been offered Iowa, but last I heard he was house-hunting in Columbus.  I think Ohio's willingness to recognize his marriage made this the perfect fit for him and his husband. 

Hee Jung is in at William Mitchell, Albany, Suffolk, and CLEO.  She has relatives and family friends in Boston, so she's withdrawn her other applications and is packing her bags.  

Linh celebrated her admission to Case Western by withdrawing her app from every other school. 

Lindsay was offered a seat at Tulane.  Her visit left her much happier than she had expected, so she's definitely heading south. 

Andrea has been admitted to Loyola New Orleans and New York Law School.  I think New Orleans is also her city of choice.   And a last-minute offer from Tulane made the decision easy. 

Joe started off with a rejection -- total bummer, as we used to say.  Fortunately, an acceptance to Miami within 48 hours changed his mood.   He also got an offer from Albany, but Miami was his preference.  In June, Tulane made an offer, and the former hockey player headed for an iceless climate. 

Jonathan will be attending CLEO and was offered a seat at Florida Coastal.  He was much happier at CLEO knowing he had a school waiting for him.  Late in the game, his good grades and CLEO performance earned him two offers:  William Mitchell and Denver. It was a comedy of bad timing; he got the phone call 24 hours after he drove from Laredo, Texas to Minneapolis to attend William Mitchell.  A scholarship offer sealed the deal, and he turned right around and drove to Denver.  A person I spoke to at Denver specifically mentioned his CLEO performance as contributing to their decision to admit him.  So while CLEO may not promise anyone an acceptance letter, it does show admissions officers that you can perform.

Dan is heading to Indiana.  His wife, Keely, lived in Bloomington for some time when she was growing up and she is very fond of the city. However, they put off heading out for a year, while sharing the joy of becoming new parents. 

Daniel has a seat at Gonzaga.  Being four or five hours form home has its benefits, and a great financial aid package made him more than satisfied. 

Russell has been admitted to UConn, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, and San Francisco.   He's pretty happy with his seat at Minnesota; the only problem is that he's also pretty happy with his  seat at UConn.  Which will win, the adventure of a new city or the comforts of home?  In the end, the adventure of life in Minneapolis won.  

We have a whole crew into CLEO again this year:  Alicenne, Andrea, Hee Jung, Jaron, Jonathan, Kris, Meredith, Raphael, Rodney, and Stacey so far.  

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