Class of 2006

For the first time in my memory, every one of my clients has a seat somewhere!  However, it was a slooow year.  Many of my clients didn't hear from their last school until mid-August.

That, of course, is the price we pay for pushing each applicant as far as possible.  We try to have a safety for each person, but most of the time we look to help people be admitted at schools where they statistically have a 25% to 35% chance.  And let me tell you folks, this year those seats come in late.  

Notwithstanding, we have a lot to report.  

We started out with two pre-season successes. The first was Matt Watson, who was finished before Forum season even began!  We parlayed a higher LSAT score on the June test into a deferred seat at John Marshall in Atlanta.  The second was Curt Clausen, who turned Dean's-List-level grades as a 1L at Wisconsin in for a seat at Duke.  

The three who submitted apps early each have at least one school they're very happy with; Chris has Cornell, and Randy and Roy have Georgetown. Randy also has UCLA and Hastings, so he's got some hard decisions to make.  All three of them were with me at the Chicago Law Forum; I don't know whether to attribute their success to the early apps or to my sense that Chicago is a good Forum for presenting people -- high admissions officer turnout, but not too crowded.  

Sarah and Darryl were also at the Chicago Forum. Sarah was admitted to Penn State and Rutgers Newark early on, and added Pittsburgh in July.  Darryl didn't complete apps until very late; a new baby and a part-time job left him with not much time to work on his file.  But he was admitted to CLEO, William Mitchell, and  Nebraska.  Since Minneapolis is home, William Mitchell won out.  

I only had two clients at the Atlanta Forum, and forgot to pull out my camera, so you don't get to see them.  Laura has been admitted to CLEO; she'll be heading there a week after her wedding. She'll be attending Loyola New Orleans this fall.  Daniel Lee had seats at Penn State and Albany before April 1, and turned a good performance at CLEO into a seat at Iowa!.  

 In New York, I had such a crowd I could hardly keep up with them (as seems appropriate for the place; In fact, I brought my niece's friend Roxy just to help me.  She shows up in several pictures.  There's nothing more fun than showing New York to a 19-year-old!)   Jeff is in at GW and Indiana, plus several others, but waitlisted at dream school Wash. U.  Daniel Allender was in at Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Then, in an astonishing late offer, he got an email from Duke!  Sid and KaSandra have both been admitted to CLEO; and to William Mitchell.  KaSandra had some high-end wait lists keeping her very nervous. Finally, in May she was been admitted to Wisconsin, and the big bucks scholarship they offered has her packing her bags!  Sid got an offer to Penn State, but his paralegal job made him an offer he felt obliged to take. So Sid will be the supervisor of paralegals at a big NYC law firm for a year or two, then head off to law school.  Mike has Albany and Penn State to keep him happy while he waits for news from Seattle and SUNY.  And Shauna had a seat at William Mitchell and a CLEO admit, and was pretty excited with her prospects. In May she got a seat at Franklin Pierce.  Then in June  she was offered a seat at New York Law School, but decided that Franklin Pierce's intellectual property program would be a better fit for her computer science background.  

Los Angeles was my other big event.  Fortunately, Suzy joined me there to help keep track of the crowd.  (In fact, that's when we decided to renew the employment relationship that ended when I moved to Seattle; the friendship, of course, never ended.)  This whole group sent apps late, so we're far from finished; so far, though, we have some good news.  Veronica has been admitted to Minnesota, Fordham and Ohio State; she still has quite a few to hear from. Matt's was admitted to CLEO and Thomas Jefferson, he wanted either of the Arizona schools so he could take advantage of resident tuition. And in June he got lucky!  Arizona State offered him a seat and he gladly accepted.   Leighton was admitted to William Mitchell and CLEO.  He was hoping for some schools in Texas, but they didn't come through.  Alison has an offer at Cleveland State, and she got into CLEO as well.  She had a few other acceptance letters including Penn State, but the big one came after CLEO -- Iowa!   They offered money as well as a seat, which definitely adds up to "an offer she can't refuse."    Allicia has been admitted to Thomas Jefferson, her top choice.  She'll be packing up and moving to Dad's home town in a few months. And Dan (yes, I had three Daniels this year) also had an offer at Thomas Jefferson.  However, at the last minute he was admitted to an east coast school, so off he went.

I only had one client each in Houston and San Francisco.  Jackie has been admitted to both CLEO and William Mitchell, and she's just ecstatic! She was offered seats at 2 or 3 other schools, but William Mitchell treated her well and won her affections (as well as her money).  Chandra was admitted to both CLEO and William Mitchell Law School, but her job as a paralegal at a big law firm, plus her move to Houston to be with her fiance, kept her so distracted that she failed to send in a seat deposit on time!  Let this be a warning to all paralegals -- your future should come first.  

After Forum season ended, I signed on a few more clients.  Naim completed his apps late, and won't hear from most of his schools for a while but he got a very nice phone call from Illinois. His own word in describing his feelings was "ebullient."   Angela got her apps out quickly and has a few offers already.  So far, Emory, Case, Carolina (UNC) and Indiana are vying for her attention, but there may be more!  

(I'm going to take this moment to point out the myth of early admissions; Jackie, Naim and Angela were among my latest to complete but already have seats; Randy and Veronica filed two months earlier and have just as many schools left to hear from.) 

That's all of my clients who applied this year; not a one who applied in the regular cycle is finished yet.  Pray for them, cross your fingers, do whatever you believe in doing to bring good fortune!  

On January 22, 2007,

Foley & Lardner announced the recipients of its Minority Scholarship Program. Of the nine first-year law students who received a $5,000 scholarship, two (the ones in bold) were my clients! But all of them deserve our congratulations.  If you know them, tell them I said so.   

Recipients for the 2006-2007 academic year include:

* Stephanie Maria Adams, Northwestern University School of Law
* Jessica L. Brown, Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley
* Jamie-Clare Flaherty, University of Michigan Law School
* Andrea I. Gonzalez, Duke University School of Law
* KaSandra N. Rogiers, University of Wisconsin Law School
* Keane Shum, Georgetown University Law Center
* Randy Lee Sims, UCLA School of Law
* Lydia Nicole Thompson, University of Wisconsin Law School
*Nickisha Webb, Levin College of Law, University of Florida

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