Class of 2004

Every year I promise myself I'm going to keep exhaustive records of who got in where, and every year, I lose track.  This year, I'm starting early, in the hope of keeping abreast of a rapidly changing list of clients and schools.

Lori!  My baby, my niece, my flesh and blood!  All these years I've told potential clients that if you hire me you get "Aunt Loretta" for a year.  Having an actual relative for a client showed me how wrong I was.  Lori wanted either Temple or Florida State, since she has supportive relatives (a/k/a/ babysitters) in both places.  She got into both, and chose FSU to save her family from the hassle of relocation. 

Claire Shin had been admitted to Temple last year, but she had applied late.  She decided to wait a year and was well rewarded.  She got into Minnesota, Pittsburgh, George Washington and Case Western.

Mike Negron had top numbers and an impressive record in the Navy, so we weren't at all surprised when he got a slew of acceptances -- Cornell, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Columbia, Harvard, Chicago, Penn.  Not too surprisingly, Harvard won out. 

Rayen Pierattini had exactly the kind of social justice background that Wisconsin loves.  She was admitted there as well as to CLEO, but deferred her seat at Wisconsin a year for a better financial aid package.  She joined us for admitted students' weekend in March 2005.  
2008 Update: Rayen is living in Chicago, and working at Smith Amundsen. When I tried to show her North Michigan Ave, and Rush Street, she knew them better than I did; I hadn't realized she'd interned for the same firm the previous summer!

Nam Dao was my housemate and adopted nephew for six months, so I got to experience the daily highs and lows.  He attended the CLEO institute in Chicago, and was admitted to Wisconsin (his # 1 choice), Franklin Pierce, and Texas Wesleyan.  After the Wisconsin letter came, he withdrew all his other apps. 

2008 Update: After graduating and passing the Ohio Bar, Nam continues to work for Thompson, Hine in Cleveland. Although he enjoys his job, I think he misses Seattle -- and who wouldn't?

Hannah Won, [middle picture on the far left] one of my local clients, didn't get UW, so she's off to Case Western. 

Jerad West, [the red head at the back left, behind Sam Kwak in the top photo] another local client, turned down Penn State for Denver. 

Hugo Rojas didn't want to leave Chicago, but I convinced him Wisconsin might make him an offer he couldn't refuse. He was accepted to John Marshall and Northern Illinois, but Wisconsin's offer of a big bucks scholarship if he would only defer a year was very convincing.  He joined us for the admitted students' weekend in March 2005.  

2008 Update: Hugo decided to take advantage of the "no Bar Exam" privilege available to Wisconsin grads who remain in state after graduation. He's working in downtown Milwaukee and happy to be two months ahead of his peers, in both salary and anxiety!

Marcos Arellano wanted to stay in the south, until he visited NYU.  He got into Vanderbilt, Carolina, Duke, and NYU, and after admitted students' weekend his mind was made up.  He joined us this September for dinner in Manhattan. 

Corey Harris got several good offers -- Miami, George Mason, Wisconsin, Boston College, CLEO.  Here's a picture of him at my LSAT class. 

Monika Harris, no relation, was admitted to Wisconsin, but her company asked her to wait a year, so she also took a deferral. 

John Mitchell was hell-bent on an urban environment, since his extensive background is in the music industry.  He got into John Marshall, New England, Hofstra (his # 1 choice), New York Law School, and Seattle U.  He chose New York, but I'm not sure whether the allure of downtown Manhattan or the free housing with relatives on Long Island won out.

Al Patel was admitted to John Marshall and William Mitchell, and offered a deferred seat at Case Western.  He'll be in Cleveland in 2005. 

Peter wanted to keep his job at CNN, either in DC or Atlanta.  He got into Georgetown (his # 1 choice), George Washington, Georgia State and American. 

Shanina Lank got into Michigan and Northwestern.  Then she moved, and I have no idea what happened.

Mike Chi was admitted to Illinois and Georgetown.

Medical School Applicant

Quan -- four interviews, four acceptances -- UW, Illinois, Ohio Med, and Drexel.  

"After I was accepted to UW, Drexel also accepted me.  This was surprising because I interviewed there so late that they had given up all their spots and told me the best they could do was put me on the high waitlist. It was my latest interview of the year, but it also had the quickest turnaround rate even though I was on their waitlist."  Click here to learn about our services to Medical School applicants.

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