Class of 2003

I seem to have developed a reputation lately for only getting folks into the same few schools. This is partly true, of course -- Harvard, Michigan, Duke and Georgetown are, after all, popular places to go.  But I have contributed to this misimpression by not bothering to print the "lesser" schools that a person gets accepted into once a top target has been reached.  So this year, in an effort to correct that impression, I'm trying to give an exhaustive list of acceptances.  I think you'll be as surprised as I am at all the schools to which my clients apply and are accepted.  

Oleg Kruychik's packing to leave for Duke, so I know we'll be in touch.  It seems to have struck him the minute he signed a lease on an apartment in Durham.  His phone call that night was semi-incoherent, since he kept throwing thank-you's in between his thoughts. My favorite note this year was from his mother, who wrote, "He was so happy to know that he was admitted to Law School.  I wish you could have seen him jumping up and down like a little kid.  I really appreciate all you have done for him."  

In December I got a lovely note and a gift from his mom:

"I can't express how much we appreciate your help! ... [Oleg] is very busy, he is stressed out a lot, but he really enjoys being there!!

And in February I got to see him while I was on the HBC tour.  He did well on his exams, and is very happy to be at Duke.  He wrote:  

"What they don't tell you is that you are about to sign up for more than just classes, or even interaction with the professors who teach them -- you sign up to become part of an environment which will continuously shape and mold your thinking -- even construct the parameters for your perception of self as a student, intellectual, and individual. The discussions and debates I have had with my peers at Duke have been perhaps more instructive than the classes which fueled those discussions. This is not the education one can gain from books, but rather is a transformative experience which one gains partly from the interaction with peers.

It is important to emphasize this transformative effect because, in thanking you for all your help I wanted to let you know that what you have done for me, and what you continue to do for many other students every year, is more than help in attaining opportunities in education, you help people overcome their socially-assigned place, or transcend their respective social class. It is probably impossible to overstate how true this is especially with regard to the immigrant contingent."

2005 update:  Oleg is happy at Duke, and had dinner with us when I was in town in February.  I'll manage to get a picture of him when I'm in Durham for graduation this May. 

Marisa is thrilled with Michigan, another home-town decision.  Resident tuition is only a fraction less than nonresident, but a move from Kalamazoo to Ann Arbor disrupts very little. 

In December she wrote:

"I love being in law school and I love being a law student. While I am often exhausted, frustrated, panicked, and confused, I am also exhilarated, stimulated and challenged in a way that keeps me going through the tougher times.  Thank you for helping me get here."

Of course, that was before finals.  In February, she sent a note to tell me that she survived exams, so we're all happy with her life.  

2005 Update:  Marisa graduated from Michigan, has taken her bar exam, and is working for Jenner in Chicago (her favorite city in the whole world).
2008 Update
:  She and husband Winston (who works at another Chicago law firm) are settled into a building near Wacker and Erie, with a fabulous view.  They had time to join me for dinner (and offer me the hospitality of their guest room) in August.  And after all these years,I still don't seem to have a picture of her!  

Kim Vu is headed for Michigan.  She applied binding early decision and withdrew all her other apps.  She's been too busy to talk, but I keep track of her progress through the three new clients she's sent me.  I should get all of my successful clients to be LSAT instructors!

Teddy was admitted everywhere but Yale, and chose Harvard for the great financial aid package
(among other reasons).  In February of 2003 I went off to my annual HBC tour.  My last email to him before I left said, "You should hear from Harvard in about two weeks."   When I returned a week later, I found this e-mail waiting for me:


I called and congratulated him, then said, "I told you Harvard would admit you."
He answered, "Yeah, but I never really believed you!"

Jamal Saleh will be off to Wisconsin.  It's his first choice, and I think he'll be very happy there.  He wrote, "I can't thank you enough, Loretta.  It finally hit me [at admitted students' weekend] that I will actually be going to law school this fall.  There can be no doubt that without your help... I might have considered abandoning the whole process."  Here's a photo of him at my LSAT class.  

2005 Update:  Jamal was able to join us for breakfast when I was in Madison in March.  He's looking great, happy enough with his life, and has no regrets about law school.  I took this really sexy photo, then accidentally deleted it from the new digital camera! 

Nate (a/k/a/ Nhat Dau) settled on Columbia from among the many acceptances: Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Penn, Duke, Northwestern.   It was his undergraduate home, and he's more than willing to return there.  The next year I helped his brother Quan get into medical school.  2008 Update:  Sister Tami is at UW Dental; she and Quan had almost-joint weddings this year, a week or two apart. Younger sister Rosie is beginning to prepare for Pharmacy school. 

Ryan Hagglund chose Chicago over Harvard, also opting for the convenience of familiarity.  He declined a spot on Yale's wait list, since last-minute changes aren't his style.  He also turned down Columbia, Michigan, and Berkeley, so I guess he's not as fond of Telegraph Ave. as I am.  2005 Update:  Ryan joined us for dinner in Chicago at Law Forum time.  If I recall correctly, he's on Law Review and happy with his choice.  2008 Update:  Ryan finally left Chicago for New York, where he and his new wife Christina seem to have both settled at Skadden, Arps. 

Vanessa (a/k/a/ Wynter) planned to attend Duke once she finished the CLEO program.  This is one of my prouder accomplishments for the year, since when I met her she was wishing for Santa Clara.  In the end, Mom won -- she chose Cal Davis to be close to home. 

Greg McNeal will be attending Case Western.  Its health law program had made it very high on his list, beating out Penn State Dickinson in the end.  2005 Update:  just this morning (3/28/05) Dean of Admissions Barbara Andelman told me how well Greg is doing, mentioning a national award he won for his Iraq blog. Click here for the story.   2008 Update: Greg is now a visiting professor of law at Penn State-Dickinson law school; his military background in counterterrorism became more important than his interest in mental health law for the time being. 

Brandon will be at Pittsburgh; his wife Angie won the "Whose parents shall we live near?"  discussion by virtue of an acceptance with a great financial aid package. 

Monique got into Harvard, Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, Texas, and Vanderbilt.  She was planning to attend Virginia, last I heard.   

Ashley Keller wanted a JD/MBA program.  He got into Chicago's B-school, and negotiated a deferred seat the law school, so he'll finish in 4 years.

Touray Kungkagam had been planning on attending Illinois, but got a last-minute phone call from Minnesota.  He's there and doing well, according to Dean of Admissions Collins Byrd. 

Nico Whitt is attending Villanova.  Someday I'll tell you about the traffic ticket in Wisconsin as he was driving cross-country to move in.  

2008 Update:  An old friend of several of my Seattle clients tells me that Nico is working very hard as a law clerk in Philadelphia. 

Neoma Ayala's settled in at Villanova.  She thought she wanted Seton Hall, but agreed with me that Villanova was really her style. 

Michelle Whicker chose Hamline from among several schools and is hoping to gain a few more after completing CLEO.

Taj Warren is off to Loyola New Orleans. 

Andrew Sinn got into Washington (his # 1 choice) a year after he got into Hastings.  He had decided that Seattle was home, California relatives notwithstanding.  2008 Update:  I'm told that Andrew is in New York, presumably pursuing a graduate degree. 

Simba Hodari -- Iowa was his # 1 choice, since Dad's job gave him an automatic scholarship there. 

Laura got into Baltimore and Loyola Chicago.  Last I heard, she was happy in Chicago. 

Claire was admitted to Temple.  See Class of 2004 to continue the story. 

Kahlia Gibson got into CLEO and was offered a seat at William Mitchell because of her diligent performance there. 

Jonas got into Florida Coastal, the hometown choice. 

Farhan Quereshy chose Syracuse on the strength of their Public Policy program.


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