Class of 2002

By the time this year's clients signed on, I was back to my photo-taking habits.  I managed to save a few of them to share with you.  

Mustafa and I met at the Atlanta Law Forum, and I took a few pictures.  He was accepted to Georgetown, Michigan, NYU, Chicago (his # 1 choice), and Berkeley.  It pained me to give him my blessing when he turned down an enormous scholarship at Berkeley to attend Chicago, but being the true professional I am, I took a very deep breath and told him that there were no bad choices on his list, and to do what he wanted. 

Zach also joined me in Atlanta.  Had we known then how high apps were going, we'd have been doubly grateful for his fantastic results. He got into  Duke, Georgetown, Texas, and Penn (his # 1 choice).  He should be graduating from Penn any day now. 

Chakira was introduced to me by Ramit (class of 2000)  when they were studying at LSE together.  Her first acceptance letter was to Duke, followed in short order by an acceptance at Northwestern. After the holidays, she found out she's in at Michigan, and got a great big scholarship from NW!  Another gloat for me -- I talked her out of applying late last year, since there was no money left in the till.

2011 Update: Click on the link to see current job, husband Matteo, and the twins!

Allison's in at Minnesota, GW, and Duke's June class.  She never did hear from Fordham. 2005 Update:  I'll be seeing Allison and family at Duke's graduation this May.  I can't wait to meet Mom; I've already met everyone else, and will be helping brother Blair with his business school apps. I can't believe I don't have a picture of Allison.  We met in Houston, and since then I've seen her twice in NYC and twice in Durham!  But graduation's coming soon, so I'll get a chance to remedy this lack. 

Sam Kwak's in at Duke, his absolute #1 choice.  He's also in at Oregon, but waitlisted at UW.  I imagine he'll withdraw that and plan a move to North Carolina.  2005 Update:  Sam's family has honored me with an invitation to his graduation, as a thanks for helping him get in. Here's a photo I took of him  with his mom and sister Maria back home in Seattle.  We also have some graduation photos.  2008 Update:  Sam met a wonderful woman, Grace, at his job; she was a summer intern from Northwestern Law School.  This fall they got married twice -- once in San Francisco, where they live and work, and once in Korea. 

David Chun's in at four or five Canadian schools, but that's a much easier game, I think.  He added Hastings to his list, his only American school, and chose to stay in Canada for the much lower tuition (especially when the currency rates are considered). 

Allie's in at four schools -- Penn, Duke, Georgetown, and Texas, I think.  I should have been taking notes while we were on the phone, but I was mid-move and far from a computer. 

Jenny Poree's in at Villanova!  Since she's in love with Philadelphia, that's a good start.  Even though we're far from finished, she wrote:

Thanks for being my greatest advocate!

Tim's in at St. Mary's, a hometown safety, but the first letter is always sweet.   He's added Cal. Western as well, and is waiting to hear from the higher-ups.

Jason's in at Illinois, Wake Forest, Pitt, and American.  Illinois is his number two choice, so we're already counting that a winner.  His prelaw advisor -- quite a famous one -- suggested Richmond.  We're awfully glad he was wrong. 

Heidi's in at Indiana Bloomington, one of her top choices. Then in July she got into UW!  The hometown school is always the favorite, and Seattle really is too beautiful to leave.  So waitlist miracles may be few and far between, but they do happen.

Cima's in at UW, our hometown favorite; later she added UCLA.  After a semester at UW, she decided she'd made the wrong choice, and was considering transferring, last I heard. 

Patrick has been accepted to Wash. U.  We're waiting to see what else we can pull. 

Gina's in at Fordham, her safety (as I kept telling her and she kept disbelieving) and Cardozo (a waste of a good $60, if you ask me).  We're waiting to hear from the higher-ups.  2005 Update:  This was the year apps started to take off, and I guessed wrong.  I was positive she'd get into NYU!  That experience certainly taught me to be a pessimist. 

Andrew Sinn got called off the wait list at Hastings on July 10 -- a small miracle!  Or maybe a big one, but not my doing.  I am utterly amazed, and quite pleased.  2005 update:  after a brief visit, Andrew decided that going home is not always the best choice.  He opted to wait a year and apply again.  

Carolle got into  Southern  Ill, John Marshall, Cleveland, MSU, Pace and Syracuse.  She got offered a big scholarship at Pace, and chose it over the others.  2005 Update:  Carolle did so well at Pace that she applied to Georgetown for transfer.  When she got admitted, Pace upped her scholarship to an offer she couldn't refuse, and she chose to stay where she could live at home. 

Theresa Samson got into CLEO, and did well enough to be offered a seat at William Mitchell.   

Amar got into Villanova, which makes us very happy.  2005 Update:  Since Villanova made a big jump in the USNews rankings this year, he'll get to graduate from an even better-ranked school. 

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