Class of 2000

I have some great memories, but no working scanner to show you the faces!  It seems that my virus scanner and my picture scanner didn't like each other.  (In 2005, when my scanner and I were on speaking terms, I found a few old photos to add, but I wish I had more.)  Instead, here's a list, in no order at all, of how the 2000 admissions group fared.  

Ramit got in everywhere she applied.  That includes Yale.  She's studying at the London School of Economics for a year, then taking a seat in New Haven.  She currently is wavering between excitement and nervousness at the thought.  2005 update:  Ramit called me her 3L year at Yale to help her land a judicial clerkship in New York.  She's since completed her clerkship and is working in the Bay Area.  While she was at LSE, she sent me Chakira, a delightful client whom you'll read all about in the 2002 class notes. 

Mike Mac is in everywhere he applied.  We might have pushed higher, but Fordham is the top evening school in NYC, and that's what the man wanted.  My favorite Mike Mac memory is of when he came to North Carolina for my LSAT class.  We watched the original version of "The In-Laws," and laughed so hard we made the whole LSAT class watch it with us the next night.  The whole rest of the year, we made In-Laws jokes.  So Mike, if you happen upon this page, "When you're right, you're right." 

Michael M. got into Penn early decision.  He turned it down for big bucks from Chicago.  Michael came to one of my client and admissions officer dinners in Durham, and volunteered to drive Janice and Maggie back to their hotel afterwards.  As Janice told the story later, he got so lost, and was so embarrassed at being lost with two admissions officers in his car, she couldn't help but admit him just to show he was forgiven!  

Ashley has an acceptance and a scholarship at Tulane, as well as acceptances from Boston College, Boston U. and William and Mary.  She chose W&M, both for the location and for the scholarship.  This wasn't an enormous surprise, since her diversity essay for the Boston schools began, "I am a Southerner." 

Eric  had to "settle" for Bloomington, since Carolina never went to their wait list.  He seems to like it there, when he gets to see anything but a book.  His first email to me said, "I never knew there could be this much homework."  He's spending his first summer here in Seattle, interning with the D.A's office, so I'm planning to have fun showing off my new home.  I could tell a lot more stories, since Eric worked for me in North Carolina, but since he's not filling the internet with tall tales about me, I'll return the favor.   2005 update:  I haven't seen Eric since his summer here, but we email and even talk on the phone once in a blue moon.  He's working for Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L. in Dayton, Ohio.  I invited him out to visit for the Bob Dylan show at the Experience Music Project, and he wrote:

"I am glad that you remember that I LOVE Bob Dylan.  I called up the rock and roll hall of fame to see if it will be having this exhibit next (b/c this museum is only 3 hours from me).  The lady said that it will come to Cleveland in summer 2006.  Not sure if i can wait that long, soooo, I am tempted to come.  I already have many vacation days planned for next year. but, I would like to see you again."

So who knows?  Maybe I'll get him out here and be able to add a photo link.

2008 Update: I saw Eric in Dayton this summer, where we had time for a quick dinner and an introduction to his fiance. Roxy, who was touring with me to look at colleges, said she felt like old friends after a single meal.

Josh is in at Duke.  Emory was the highest acceptance we reasonably predicted, so we're pretty happy.  He's done well there, both academically and romantically, I hear.  2005 update: Josh is working for McKee Nelson LLP in New York, and married his law school sweetheart.  He sent me a new client this year, Susannah, who's as great to work with as he was.  I also found a photo of him that was taken my last week in NC, when he went with me to Duke Gardens to say good-bye to my favorite tree. 

Will got into Case Western and Chicago-Kent.  Then we added Bloomington at the last minute! His comment is, "Thanks again for getting me in here!  I can't thank you enough!"  2005 Update:  Will is graduated and completing his military service requirement.  I haven't heard from him directly, but he sent Tori to me this year.  

Kevin is in at Tulane.  He must be studying hard there; I haven't heard a word from him.  2005 Update:  Kevin chose Houston over Tulane at the last minute, has graduated and started his own law firm -- Kelley & Witherspoon, L.L.C. in Dallas.  He did find time to email once or twice after law school was finished with him.  (I know you think of it as you being finished with it, but you haven't been there yet.) He also referred another client to me, but for the life of me I can't remember whom!  My best guess is Mario Morris. 

Mike W. left Cardozo for a last-minute seat at Minnesota.  He had the dubious distinction of taking an orientation tour-down-the-Hudson on Thursday and an orientation tour-down-the-Mississippi on Friday.  He did great in his first year, made Law Review, and then got buried under the work.

Keron got his first acceptance, to Loyola New Orleans.  He turned down some other schools for the big scholarship he got there.  We keep in touch frequently.  I found a photo he gave me, taken at a step show, I think.  Read all about him over here.

Jim got into CLEO, and turned his performance into a seat at either Drake or Creighton.  I can't check which -- his email got lost in the Crash of '00.

Pierce got into Widener through the summer conditional program. 

Nikki's in at William Mitchell, studying hard and doing fine.  2005 Update:  I attended her graduation, took a photo, and gave her a page of her own.  

Trevor's in at Northwestern.  It's a pity that I send all my favorite students away; it would have been fun to have him here in Seattle. 

George got into Cal. Western's conditional program, but didn't do well enough to be offered a seat.  He's at Trinity law school, and will try to move over to an ABA-approved program after his first year.

2010 Update: George got into an ABA-approved law school, graduated, and is practicing law! Congrats to you!

Hassan got into Vermont, where he's doing fine and coping with rural life.  2005 Update:  Hassan's graduation invitation made it to my web page last year.  I heard from him at Bar Exam time as well.  

Julio got into Western State, Whittier, and Arizona State.  He went to the last, and may try to transfer if his grades are good.

Sung Yoon got into Northwestern and Georgetown.  She's also the mother of a beautiful new baby.

David is at Bloomington, experiencing fatherhood while he studies.  The baby is beautiful -- if I could make a jpg, you'd see! 

Edina has five acceptances -- Hastings, Cardozo and Loyola L.A., Indiana and Wisconsin.  Hastings was the big winner -- low cost , good rep, and close to her L.A. home.

Jennifer is in at CLEO, Catholic, American, Notre Dame and William and Mary.  She turned down a seat for next year at Duke and took one this year at Notre Dame, with a good scholarship attached.

Nicole was accepted at Minnesota and Tulane.  Then she added a last minute acceptance to Hastings, which made her very happy.

Gary is in at Duke, but didn't go.  Who knows what drives the decisions of errant millionaires?

Lauren is in at UCLA.  She turned down a seat a Duke after seeing that Durham is not at all like L.A.

Marcel is off to B.C., and happy to be there.

Denise reports acceptances at Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and  Case Western.  She chose Pitt for the lower cost and more urban feel. 

Angela was accepted into the CLEO program, but wasn't happy with any of the schools that offered her a seat. 

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