The 1990s

Mike from Duke
David from Georgia Tech
Terry Sanford

This handful of photos represents some of my best memories of the 1990s. Mike, top left, had the distinction of taking the Cardozo Law School boat ride down the Hudson on Thursday and the U. of Minnesota boat ride down the Mississippi on Friday. He was pulled from the wait list after Cardozo had started orientation and jumped anyway.

David, top right, had an illustrious career at Indiana Bloomington. He almost had one at Duke, but the Dean of Admissions agreed with me that first semester grades are too difficult to predict when your wife's due to deliver a baby in December.

Terry, left, rode from Durham to Chicago with me to attend the Law Forum, since it was over fall break. He insisted we stop in Bloomington so he could have his picture taken in front of the Charter House of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Matt and Daniel were literally the last of my North Carolina crew. They drove my moving van from Durham to Seattle in July of 2000. Matt went on to Medical school, and Daniel to Divinity school. They had the adventure of their young lives driving across the country, and I had the peace of mind that comes from being able to talk to your movers every night.

Matt Atkins

Daniel Smith



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