May 8 — Mid-Year Doldrums

T.S. Eliot was certainly right when he wrote, April is the cruellest month.” 

This year it has encumbered me with two broken computers, employees who needed extra time off, and clients whose gpa is a half-point (yes, .5) lower then they told me it was.

But except for slowing down the process of writing to you, it didn't really make much difference.

Every client who managed to submit applications has at least one acceptance, and we've gathered those results for you in our "Success Stories" section. But none of our clients is as near the finish line as the runners in that photo; of all the applications we sent, about half have no response yet.

The new US News rankings seem to be causing heads to roll; occasionally that of a law school dean, more often the Career Development staff. The admissions personnel seem to be surviving unscathed, largely because they've managed to hold median LSAT scores high.

In an effort to keep those scores high, law schools are again trying to out-wait each other in making last-minute offers. Expect wait list action late (June) and later (July). How much action? There's no way to know yet. And what difference does it make whether a school calls one or a hundred? It only matters whether they call you.

So what's an applicant to do?

Don't pester them. If they invite you to submit more material, then you may. If they ask for an expression of interest, drop them a line. If they say, "Don't call us, we'll call you," leave them alone!

Fill your time productively:

  • Read books that will help you prepare for law school;
  • Teach yourself some relevant social history, through either Wiki or YouTube;
  • Consider retaking the LSAT; a higher score always makes a difference.
  • Join us for our Intro to Law School class, which will include extra training in legal writing.

I'll be filling my time with both an LSAT class and the Intro to Law School. In addition, I'll be heading for Boston to attend the NAPLA conference June 6-10. If you'd like to meet with me while I'm in the Northeast, contact me ASAP, so I can plan before I book my flight.

With my Intro to Law School group here from May 13-22, I'm not likely to update before June 1. Look for me then, since I'll be sure to add something before I head off to Boston.


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