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October 8 — Homeward Bound!

I know it may be trite, but I couldn't resist. This live cut from Monterey Pop is one of the best.

On Sunday, October 9, I fly east. Sunday night and Monday will be spent preparing for the onslaught, and client meetings will start Tuesday. Here are the Philly maps.

All meals on this trip are open to friends, clients, alumnae/i, admissions staff and interested applicants. Please try to give advance notice by email or phone, so we get the right-sized table and look for lost souls.

Tuesday morning, October 11, I check into the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown, 201 N. 17th St. (that's 17th and Race to the locals). The phone number there is (215) 448-2000.

  • I expect to arrive around noon and head out again shortly afterwards. Lunch will be the best cheese steak in town -- Larry's, at 54th and City line. If you don't believe how good it is, watch the news clip. We should be there from 1:30 to 2:30.
  • Around 3:30 we'll be back at the hotel, planning Wednesday's itinerary with a client or three.
  • After such a heavy lunch, a light Vietnamese dinner around 7:30 will be just the right touch. Pho Cali, at 10th and Race, is known for its delicate sauces and authentic herbal teas — so authentic that they try to talk me out of them, explaining in their best English that these are for people from the old country.

Wednesday, October 12th, is Drexel's big Law Fair. Over 100 schools are scheduled to attend, and it's easier to reach New York schools in Philly than in New York, so I'll be interviewing as well as presenting clients.

  • We'll start with lunch at 12:30 at the Comcast Center at 17th and JFK. This video gives you a sense of the incredible illusion they've created — not because of the people, ladders, etc., but because there is actually no wood at all — it's all part of the illusion. There's a food court one floor down, so we can meet at my hotel, walk over, grab some lunch, and be happily on our way by 1:30.
  • The Law Fair is at the Armory, 25 N 33rd St., from 2:00 until 6:00. There's no floor map online, so I'm assuming the law schools will be in alphabetical order. Note that on the web page, all the "University of"s are under U, so poke around a bit if you can't find what you're looking for.
  • I figured I need a special dinner to lure the admissions officers who remain in town Wednesday night, so nothing less than the Imperial Inn will do.
    • I'm planning dinner for 7:00, knowing that's a tad late for folks heading up to New York that night, but a few people might want to see the Liberty Bell or Louis Tiffany's magnum opus, the Dream Garden. This detail shows about a third of the 49-foot-long stained glass mural, made of over 100,000 pieces of glass.

After dinner I crash because, like everyone else, I have an early train to catch to New York. Any data collected in Philly will be set aside for the post-New York update.

Thursday, October 13th, several clients and I will take the train from Penn Station Philly to Penn Station New York. Here are the New York maps.

I'll be staying at the Park South Hotel, 122 E. 28th St., 212-448-0888. This is one of those can't-lose hotels. The view to the north is of the Chrysler Building and the UN; to the South it's of the Flatiron Building; to the west it's of the Empire State Building. The only trick is getting high enough to see the view.

  • The Second Avenue Deli has reincarnated in duplicate, and one of them is only five blocks from my hotel, so Thursday's lunch is a done deal. We'll be there around 1:00; please join us.
  • Between lunch and dinner I'm imagining a leisurely stroll over to the Empire State Building, then up 5th Avenue to the Rockefeller Center.
  • Around 6:00 we'll have dinner at Lou's Cafe, on 6th Ave. north of 52nd. This is the true melting pot. Where else can you get Sicilian Style Herb Roasted Breast Of Chicken, Tuna Melt With American Cheese, and Key Lime Tart all on the same menu? Don't be late, folks; Lou's closes at 7:30.
  • After dinner, we'll head a few blocks over to the Forum hotel, the Hilton at 55th and 6th Ave., so we can designate a meeting place where everyone can join up.

About the time we're ready to crash, Gary will join us! He's taking the train up from DC to help me interview admissions officers.

Friday, October 14th, the Law Forum starts at noon. We'll meet in the lobby at the place we designate the night before.

  • After the Forum, a rare opportunity presents itself! Notice that we're a block from MoMA, and that Friday nights are free! "Visitor Tips" recommends heading over at 6:00.
  • At 5:00 we'll have a drink in the lobby bar, add some munchies to the drink tab, then head off for Van Gogh's Starry Night, George Seurat, and an outdoor Sculpture Garden! For the starved, there are two cafes in the museum, and there's always a hot dog or a hot slice on the street.

Saturday, October 15th, the places are the same but the times are different.

  • The Forum is from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. We'll again meet in the designated place, grab a mid-day snack in the lobby, and work until they kick us out at 4:00.
  • At 4:00, drinks in the lobby are again welcome.
  • Around 5:15 we'll walk over to dinner at Tang Pavilion, 65 W. 55th, just a block from the Forum. Midtown Chinese restaurants are a bit more Americanized than those in Chinatown, so a more leisurely pace is expected.
  • I'll have a reservation for 8 folks at 5:30, so RSVP on this one.
  • Gary and I are staying overnight, so if anyone has questions and the weather is good, we can park ourselves at the outdoor cafe at FAO Schwarz, at 58th St. This is the FAO Schwarz with the giant piano made famous in "Big."

Sunday, October 16th, Gary heads back to DC and I head upstate. Both Hartford and Albany are on my agenda, but these plans aren't locked in yet.

  • I'm thinking of spending Sunday afternoon to mid-afternoon Monday in Hartford, Monday evening and all of Tuesday in Albany and Schenectady, and heading back to New York at the crack of dawn Wednesday to fly back to Seattle, but these plans are amenable to suggestion.

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