August 11 — The Finish Line!

On my Success Stories page for 2011, there's a wonderful picture of Wilma Rudolph almost at the finish line during the 50 yard dash at Madison Square Garden. Go look once more now, because by September 1 the picture will be gone: we've crossed the finish line.

Gary got into the LL.M. program in tax law at Georgetown. He's finished his bar exam and his guest appearances on my web page, and after a brief visit home here in Seattle, he'll be heading to DC.

Sal managed to turn his stellar performance at CLEO and his engineering background into a seat at Houston. This was definitely a dream school, and I'm gratified that he attributes part of his success to my Intro to Law School page.

Karl turned his CLEO performance into a seat at Illinois! He got another offer or two that he thinks I haven't heard about, but Illinois is his choice and a good one.

And Elizabeth got into Connecticut, winning the annual last-minute pool. She was already in the U-Haul when the call came.

We still secretly have our fingers crossed for one more, but we're not counting on it. But four new seats in July and August is a lovely end to an admissions year.

The Starting Line

While we're putting the finishing touches on the class of 2011, we're beginning work with the class of 2012.

I'll be in San Francisco from August 15th through 25th, teaching LSAT prep. So unless something miraculous happens that MUST be reported, you won't hear from me again until September 1.

Good luck and enjoy law school!


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