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November 14


There just aren't enough songs about Houston; either that or I don't know enough country music. So instead of choosing a song with only a passing reference, I chose the famous "Houston, we have a problem" scene from Apollo 13.

This is one jam-packed week; the end of Forum season usually is.

Tuesday, November 15th, I'll be in Bellingham WA, at Western Washington's Law Fair. There will be 67 law schools represented, from noon until 4:00 at the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room. Since the Fair starts late enough, I'll drive up the morning of, and stay for an early dinner. Ryan's recommending a place, so call my cell phone (206-453-8533) if you want to join us for dinner. We'll arrive home just in time to re-shuffle my interview sheets for

Wednesday, November 16th, when the U. of Washington holds its Law Fair. This one starts at 10:00 a.m., so I'm glad I live only 15 minutes away. It will be held in Mary Gates Hall, the academic advising center, as it was last year. Over 95 schools are registered, so this is a great opportunity for me to gather data I missed earlier in the year.

  • I'm letting my admissions officer friends choose the restaurant; Pakistani and Persian rank high and are close, Ethiopian and Greek require a 10-minute ride. if you want to join us, call the cell phone.

Thursday morning, November 17, I fly to Houston. Traveling from West to east always takes a whole day, so I'll leave before dawn and arrive in time for dinner.

  • I'll be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott by the Galleria, 2900 Sage Road, 713-622-3611; call if you want to join any of the listed activities. My flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:30, so a 7:00 dinner should allow plenty of time for problems.

I'll try to have dinner at 7:00 at the Burger Palace of Houston, 2800 Sage Road #1100, (713) 877-9700. Burgers may be burgers, but this place serves sweet potato fries! Its location just a block from my hotel won't hurt either.

Friday, November 18, I have open time between lunch and dinner; if you're interested in meeting, email me.

Saturday, November 19, the Houston Law Forum will be held at the JW Marriott, 5150 Westheimer Rd., as it has been for many years.

  • We'll meet for breakfast at The Brasserie on the 2nd floor at 8:30 a.m.
  • The Forum runs from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
  • From 4:00 to 5:30 we'll meet for drinks lobby lounge, then
  • We'll have a lovely dinner around 5:30 at Kenny's and Ziggy's New York Deli,2327 Post Oak Blvd..(713) 871-8883.

All these places are close to each other:

houston forum plans

For unknown reasons, the program won't name anything on Post Oak Road. #3 is Kenny's and Ziggy's; #5 is the Baja Grill.

After three conferences in a row, I imagine it'll take me a good two days to recover, so look for final results over Thanksgiving weekend. The office will be closed Thursday, but you can call Wednesday or Friday. I'll be open both weekend days as well.

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