May 1 — 27th Anniversary!

Big News in Recent News. I'm retiring it.

Or at least placing it on administrative leave. There been no news for almost two years, and there's no objective indicator of change for at least two more.

No one's saying anything newsworthy. People are twisting and misstating data in more ways than I can imagine. (For instance, I have a note on my facebook page about job increases two years in a row — from 55% to 56% to 57%.) So I'm going to use this section for newsorthy notes and noteworthy news (I know it's silly, but no sillier than that employment data) relating to law schools, legal education, court decisions and student budgets — all sorts of things that relate to law school — but not specifically to admissions. There's just nothing to say!

Friend me on facebook and you'll get a note when I add something here. Expect it to be interesting and useful for the law student or potential student, but not to be yet another purveyor of skewed data and false optimism.

Do keep reading; I may get feisty.

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