May 2 — Just Waitin'?

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Waiting for a Seat?

Overlap Report Day

There's the Miss America pageant; there's the Triple Crown; there's Wimbledon and the Olympics. Every major event and industry has the Day When the Competition starts getting serious, after all the preliminaries have completed. For law school admissions that's the Named Overlap Report day.

LSAC used to distribute overlap reports without the actual names of the multiple deposit holders. Then, around 2010, they added a report on July 15th with names of multiple seat holders, so schools could call you and demand that you choose. Then last year, they moved the Named Report Day to June 15th. Now this year, May 15th is the big day. Admissions officers began meeting with deans as soon as the doors opened. One admissions officer reported an applicant holding SIX seats!

In the next week, seats will fall like dominoes. After two or three waves, the action will end until probably mid-July, when June LSAT scores are released.

More action in July? Of course. If someone gets a 168 in June, doors will open and money will fall from the heavens like manna.

So May may come and May may go, but responses from law schools may be frustratingly unforthcoming.

My clients are doing pretty well everyone has at least one offer. I'd like to claim credit, but that's too close to the national breakdown to be statistically significant. But one admissions officer noted that it is always easier for my clients, since I push them so hard for both realistic applications and quality essays; the real difference is that low rejection rate this late in the year.

Waiting for June

The best way to increase your chance of admission, as I've said before, is to increase your LSAT score. It's not too late to sign up for the June LSAT, and two more points might open a few more doors. Here's the LSAC registration info.

Waiting for August

This has become my favorite class to teach, partly because the content changes much more than the LSAT, and partly because the students tend to be much more engaged. Last year's class was awesome, and this year's mix of likely students promises a lively discussion. Here's the schedule.

Waiting for Next Year

As applications drop, law schools are caught between a rock and an LSAT score. Trying to keep your ranking high and your class full while applications decline is an expensive game — the winners are using scholarships as the lure. So if you want to be one of those lucky people looking at offers of big bucks, you need a big LSAT score to sell.

I'll be offering my LSAT class in mid-July. Working people miss less work, and students can take one summer session and join me for the other. The full details are here.

The fee for both these classes has remained $1,000 for the last decade. As flights, hotels, and gasoline get more expensive, I'm doing my share to keep costs down. Call or email if you're interested in joining us.

End of Waiting?

May 15th is when the first overlap report is due out, and I will be back to discuss what I've learned shortly after. See you then!


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