June 1, 2014

Where I'm Bound

[a lovely rendition of a little-known folk song]

I can tell you a bit about where I'm bound: the DC Law Forum; then north to visit family and friends for a week or so; then home again. I'll be on the road 8 to 10 days, but the ones that concern you are the first three, at the DC Law Forum.

I'll arrive late on Thursday, June 19. I have no firm plans except to check into my hotel. If you'd like to attend and need a ride up from the Durham, NC area, contact me. I'm staying at the Residence Inn Alexandria Old Town, 2345 Mill Rd. It's an easy walk from the Eisenhower station on the Yellow Line, a slightly longer jaunt from the King St. station on both the Yellow and Blue Lines. [NOTE: there are several Residence Inns in Alexandria. Check the map!]

Friday, June 20, I expect to have some museum time. I'm torn between old favorites and new excitements. The joy of the National Gallery is that it always has both, but if a companion has a yen to see the Hope Diamond or Asian art, I can be persuaded.

Friday dinner will be at Galae Thai restaurant, just two blocks from my hotel, at 7:00 p.m. I don't think I've ever been there, but it has good reviews on both google and Yelp, so we'll give it a try. Maybe this is the place Don M. took me to in 2008; the pictures look very familiar. If so, it was fabulous. (To those of you whom I promised Hungarian Goulash and Weiner Schnitzel, the Cafe Monti is, alas, closed.)

This map covers Thursday and the non-wandering parts of Friday.

map of hotel and restaurant, Alexandria, VA


Galae Thai is in the center of this photo, with the name over the awning in large blue letters. From the clean brick sidewalks and the nose-in parking, I suspect that it's in a mini-mall of some sort; Old Town Alexandria does abound with them.

Dinner will be at 7:00. If you know you're joining us, please make arrangements with me, so I can reserve an appropriately-sized table.

Again: this dinner is MANDATORY for anyone who plans to attend the Law Forum with me the next day.

view of restaurant from street

On Saturday, June 21, the Law Forum information sessions start at 9:00, but the part I care about, where we talk to admissions staff, starts at 11:00.

You have to register, even though it's free. There's no direct link. Start here and take it whither it leads.

The Forum ends at 4:00 and we usually rest and chat with old friends in the lobby until 5:15, then walk the two long blocks to the Afghan Grill on Calvert St. east of Connecticut. This is a long-standing favorite; they changed their name to Afhan Grill in 2002, because of ethnic prejudice after 9/11, but I've been eating there since at least the mid-90s.

Map of DC Law Forum hotel View of Restaurant from street

The Metro stop is Woodley Park (the Zoo). The gray structure labeled "4" in yellow is the hotel, and the red "5" is the restaurant. You may notice from the photo on the left that the restaurant entrance is a bit confusing; it's on the second floor, and the glass door to the left, with the number 2309 above it, gets you there. The steps are a bit steep and old, but the food is well worth it.

This is the last stop for the evening. If we need to talk a while and the restaurant gets stiflingly hot, the walk down Connecticut Avenue is lovely as it crosses Rock Creek (a branch of the Potomac); there aren't benches on the overpass, but there's plenty of room to rest against a railing and enjoy the breeze.

view of Connecticut Avenue south

Sunday, June 22, I'll have brunch at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, the Pasha Cafe in Arlington. Check-out is at noon, but given my legendary propensity for getting lost, 1:00 is a reasonable time to meet. There are Metro stops on the Orange Line, but not at a comfortable walking distance. However, I'm sure someone can pick you up if you let us know in advance.

Street View of Pasha Cafe

This restaurant is hard to see from the street. You'll see the 7-11 just before it if you're driving west on Lee Hwy (Rt 29).

Sunday map

I plan to head north to Philly immediately after lunch so this is the big good-bye time for old friends.

After reaching Philly my plans are still very nebulous. My sister in New York just moved, so I really do wonder where I'm bound. If you're somewhere between DC and Albany, let me know if you'd like to meet up. But I promise to be back in the office by Saturday, June 28.

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to upload notes from my laptop, so you may not hear from me until late June. In the meantime, I'm still planning to teach the LSAT Intensive Course in Durham July 11-20.

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