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The Big Picture — 14 pages

How, When and Whether to Apply
When Do I Apply?
The June LSAT
October Test
February LSAT
Rethinking When Something Goes Wrong
Choosing Law Schools
more Law Forums
Saints and Superheroes
The Legal Temperament
Affording Law School
Need Help? Hire a Pro!

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Contact Us — email and phone number

Admissions Officers Join Us — 10 pages

Relying on the Experts
Is Law School Right for You?

What Is Experiential Learning?

The Burden of Attending a Public School
The Truth, the Whole Truth...
Should Minorities Choose Urban Schools?
Not-So-Great Recommendations
Thoughts on Finishing College Early
How Much does Location Matter?
Life of an Entertainment Lawyer

Look for More Interviews During the Year

Success Stories — more than 250 stories,
more than more more than 125 photo pages

Graduates — Caps and Gowns
— Mementos of the Big Day
LSAT Classes — Bonding over lunch break
Homecoming Dinners — Meals with Friends
Law Forums — Getting the Answers
From the 1990s — 17 memorable clients
Class of 2000 — 27 stories, 5 linked pages
Class of 2001 — a dozen more tales
Class of 2002 — 17 people. a dozen links
Class of 2003 — 26 superstars, one camera
Class of 2004 — 16 lawyers and a doctor!
Class of 2005 — 22 people, a dozen photos
Class of 2006 — two dozen clients, 17 links
Class of 2007 — 22 people, 7 linked pages
Class of 2008 — 20 successes,12 links
Class of 2009 — 17 people, 17 stories
Class of 2010 — 16 clients, great photos
Class of 2011 — 19 applicants still waiting

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May 1 — Anniversay Update
May 8 — Prepare While You Wait
June 1 — Looking Forward
June 14 — NAPLA — TMI
June 22 — Moral Character and Debt
June 24 — Urban Under-representation
July 16 — Debut of Gary's Virtual Tour!
July 25 — Chicago Forum Results
Aug 11 — Last-Minute Admits
Sept. 12 — MacArthur Park
Sept. 14 — Integrity in Admissions Data
Oct. 2 — In, Out, and In Between
Oct. 8 — Homeward Bound
Oct. 29 — Painting the Town
Nov. 1 — On Being Rich
Nov. 14 — Three More Law Fairs
Nov. 25 — Be Thankful
Dec. 18 — Looking Ahead
Dec. 25 — A Gift for You

Inside the Admissions Office — 18 pages

The View from the Admissions Office
The "Party"Model of Admissions

The "Jelly Donut" Model
the "World Series" Model
The Law School Numbers Game
more Index Numbers Retired
Minimizing the Risks
Maximizing the Rewards
Non-Standard LSAT Scores
Presumptive Admit and Deny, Discretionary
moreOld Data We've Left Uploaded
moreHow Many People Have Top Numbers
moreWhat Makes Each School Special
The Quality of Your College
What Courses and Majors do They Like?
Multiple Colleges, Low and Split Grades
Grades from Long Ago
Evaluating Academic Problems
Weighing Diversity in Admissions

The Many Faces of Diversity — 22 pages

Speaking Out for Diversity Admissions
Why Race Matters & How Much
moreRegional Definitions
more Fran Lebowitz on Race
more The South Will Rise Again
more A Different Dr. King Speech
"Traditional" Asians
more Dept. of Education Race Definitions
The "New" Asians
International Students
Black & African-American
Native Americans
Puerto Ricans and Mexican-Americans
Other Hispanics
Marking "Other"
The Mainstream Applicant
GLBT Applicants
Poverty and CLEO
moreGeneral CLEO Information
Overcoming Obstacles
Age and Work Experience
Geography and Demography

Preliminary Law School Choices — 19 pages

First, Do Your Research
Women — Still Underrepresented
more Women Students and faculty
Dating Parity
Litigation & Trial Advocacy
Old Data About Each School?
more What's Special About Each School?
Salary vs. Debt
moreCalculating Elective Ratios
moreComplete List of Schools
Students & Faculty
Specific Needs

The Grand Tour — 8 plus

Law Schools Around the United States
New England
D.C. Area
Upstate NY & Western PA
Great Lakes Region
Great Plains
The Rockies & the Southwest
Pacific Northwest

The LSAT — 14 pages

The Admissions Marathon
Targeting a Score
LSAC Numerical Data
LSAC Bar Graphs
Schools with No LSAC Data
Substituting ABA Data
Register for the LSAT
Fee Waivers & Accommodated LSATs
Taking, Retaking
moreThe Myth of Applying Early

moreData on Multiple LSATs retired
Something Happened
The DeLoggio LSAT Program

Resumes, Evaluations & Recs— 15 pages

Gather Ye Info While Ye May
Registering with LSAC
Register for the LSDAS
Choosing Who Writes
What the Rec Should Say
New LSAC Evaluations
Getting Recs to the Law Schools
Preparing Your Résumé
Choosing a Resume Format
The Most Basic Résumé
The Typical Applicant
The Accomplished Applicant
Too Much Inform
Judicious Editing

Choosing Law Schools
— 25 pages

Factors in Making an Intelligent Choice
Finding and Using Data
Application Trends
LSAC Action Reports
USNews Ranking
USNews Part-Time Rankings
Law School "Tiers" Redefined
Academic Reputation
moreReputation within the Local Market
Regional Supply & Demand
Valuable USNews DATA
moreABA Transfer Data
moreBar Passage Data
moreMinority Enrollment
Median Salary — a Red Herring
more Median Salary Calculations
Job Recruitment
Fluctuation in the Job Market
Do Law Schools"Game" the System?
Attrition Rates
US News Transfer Potential
Loan Repayment & Public Interest Funds

Essays and Addenda — 24 pages

What Should You Write About?
First, Learn to Write!
Arrest & Traffic Addenda
Honor Code or Academic Problems
Breaks in Education
Other Problems
Diversity or Adversity?
Sample Diversity Statement1
Sample Diversity Statement 2
Sample Diversity Statement 3
Sample Diversity Statement 4
Adversity Statements
Sample Adversity Statement 1
Sample Adversity Statement 2
"Why Our School?"
Personal Statements
Sample Personal Statement 1
Sample Personal Statement 2
Sample Personal Statement 3
Sample Personal Statement 4
Deconstructing a Well-Crafted Essay
Editing with your Goal in Mind
Bad Writing and Editing
Topics to Avoid

The Application Process— 10 pages

Completing Your Applications
The Myth of Applying Early
The Common Information Form
Filling in The Apps
Stupid Questions from Applicants
The Final Proofread
What About Essays?
Free Applications
Ready to Transmit!

After You've Applied — 20 pages

Waiting to Hear and Responding
Things to Do While You Wait
Tracking Applications
The Wait List Food Chain
Overlap Reports
Answering a Wait-List Offer
moreGetting off the Wait List
Join Our Intro to Law School Class
Read Wiki
Read Books
Watch YouTube
Should I Re-Apply?
Conditional Programs
Offers to Alternate Programs
Can You See Transfer Data?
more Can You Transfer?
Can You Defer?
Making Your Final Choice

Professional Assistance — 10 pages

What Help Do You Need
LSAT Preparation Classes
Law School Admissions Consulting
Law School Preparation Classes
About Loretta DeLoggio
How We Work Together
Business School Admissions
Graduate School Admissions
Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Schools