How Do I Register?

To register for the LSAT, you need to click on "LSAT" on the LSAC web page. 

registering to take the LSAT

All you HAVE to do is click on the blue "Register Here" bar.  However, you might want to get a free sample test, buy some materials, or apply for a fee waiver if you haven't yet.

Since the system already knows your address, it will suggest test centers near you.

List of LSAT centers and availability of seats

When should I register?  

Generally you must register thirty days before you plan to take the exam. You can register closer to the test date, but you will pay a late fee in addition to the regular fee. Note on the sample above that my fee waiver will get me past he $136 LSAT fee, but not past the $68 late fee. 

I always ask my students to register a month earlier than that, since ever-more registrants are closed out of the center they request as LSAC cannot plan enough new centers to make up for the test retaker demand.  In the example above, 2 of the 3 local centers are closed.  In the last several years, some of my students were forced to take the exam as far as eighty miles away!

Requests for fee waivers, special accommodations or private test centers must be made in advance. There may be extra forms to complete for these services, so get an early start if you need any special accommodations.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee for the LSAT rises every year; all I can say for sure is that in 2010 it was $136, as you can see above. There is no extra charge for handicap accommodations, while private test centers cost an extra $200 or more, depending on where you are requesting to take the exam.

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