Interruptions or Leaves of Absence?

What Did They Ask?


Wisconsin clearly wants to know what you've been doing every month since you graduated high school, rather than simply whether you had any interruptions in the middle of your education.

But what about this question, from Case Western's application?

Case Western

One could argue that they only want leaves of absence -- but why would one bother?  It's just as easy to check "YES" and write, "Since graduating from college in 2004, I have worked full time; please see resume for details."

When in doubt, disclose!

What if the interruption was for something serious -- cancer treatments, drug rehab, an eating disorder, running out of money? The more serious the reason, the more likely that you MUST disclose it.

If you feel like you won't get into law school if you fully disclose, then maybe you shouldn't be going to law school — go back and read Saints and Superheroes once more. And if you're just overreacting, disclose now and save yourself a headache three years from now.


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