Regional Definitions Used on this Web Page

Throughout this section, I discuss results by looking at different parts of the country. These are my own working definitions, not those dictated by either the Department of Education or the LSAC. LSAC Regional Definitions are over here.

The DeLoggio definitions of region (which are what I use unless I specify some other set of defintions)

  • Northeast is DC and points north, no more than 100 or so miles inland.
  • Midwest is everything from Pittsburgh and Buffalo through to the Rockies, excluding the "south" as defined by Civil War and Civil Rights days.
  • The Rockies includes a north-south strip roughly west of Texas and east of California.
  • The South defined itself in both Civil War and Civil Rights days as being those states that refused to follow Federal Law in regard to the legal status and treatment of blacks. I rarely find it necessary to distinguish the moderate south (also called the Border States) from the deep South (a/k/a/ the Cotton South. If I do, I follow the LSAC descriptions mentioned above.
  • The West Coast is the strip of land from Seattle to San Diego. 


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