Attachments and Addenda

So you've filled out the application. You've saved it appropriately (by clicking on THIS save button, not your browser's button.

Print and Save Buttons

Are you ready to send your application? Of course not! You have to add all sorts of essays, resume, explanations of traffic tickets, and whatever else the school asks you for.

Attaching essays to your applications

Note that for each document you upload or attach, you can choose to include it only with this application or save it for use by other schools. A resume is a document you're likely to use again; so are many essays.

But addenda for arrests or academic problems often say "Clearly title this document "Answer to Question 23." Since the next school down the line isn't likely to have the same question number, you won't want to save any specially marked documents.

Samples of Your Work

Except for the résumé, do not send unsolicited materials. Law schools do not want to see your thesis, newspaper clippings about your election to the citizen's board, or a videotape of your performance in Swan Lake. Your inability to limit what you send may be seen as a lack of judgment. The only exception I might make to this rule is when a hobby or skill is the focus of your personal statement. For instance, if you've written about poetry or photography, you might want to enclose a sample. (If the work was published, do not send the whole book; few will bother to find your name on page 77. Instead, send a copy which lists the name and date of the publication.)

LSAC now takes you the most terrifying screen in the entire system:

"Submit" button

Look at those horrendous words, "Submit Application." Are you ready to submit application? How can you know whether you're ready to submit application?

April Fools! That button doesn't submit the application; it only generates a pdf for you to preview and proofread!


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