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Martindale Hubbell's Lawyer Locator  shows the biographies of the members of each law firm.  By searching, for large law firms and looking at the biographies of the junior associates, you can see who's been hired from where in the last 8 or 10 years.  

The drawbacks to this approach are:
  • It limits your research to relatively few firms, unless you plan to spend a lot of hours online.
  • It can increase your tendency to see the big names and discount the little ones. If you're going to search, write down all the names you see, not just the names you want to see.

    If you've already looked at the NALP Directory, you've seen that we could get from Loyola Chicago to a firm called McGuire Woods, with offices in Charlotte, NC.

    We know McGuire interviews at Loyola, but we don't know if they hire at schools like Loyola. That's what Martindale will tell us.  

    [The screen shots here were produced in 2010, but Martindale may have changed colors, formats, etc. If you're in the "Advanced Search" section, you should be able to follow along.]

    First, go to the web page and set the search term for "Law Firms" instead of lawyers; Charlotte's a bigger city than you think, and you could get thousands of names!

    Make sure to fill in the city and state before you click on that little red "GO" button.

    We could put "McGuire" into the "Law Firm/Organization Name" box, but I want to see what we get.


    Martindale-Hubbell web site Screen Shot

    Look at that! 553 law firms in Charlotte!

    I'm switching my view to 50 per page, or I'll be here all afternoon.

    Martindale-Hubbell web site Screen Shot

    Here's the firm we found over on NALP Directory.

    I have no idea why McGuire has two listings. My best guess is that the second has a "Peer Review" ranking, and that when they put that up, they forgot to take the old one down.

    Or it may be that the second only contains lawyers for whom peer review data is available, which would be a much smaller (and older) set of attorneys.

    At any rate, I clicked on the first one. Call me methodical, call me dull, but follow along.

    Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell

    As soon as the link opens, look for "People" in the left- hand column.

    Click on it.

    Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell

    You'll get a long list of all the personnel at the law firm.

    Usually, the senior partners are first, the "lesser" partners are second, the associates are third, and the outside counsel are last.

    Accordingly, we zip down to the bottom, scroll up past the "Outside Counsel" people, and find a list of the junior associates (a/k/a/ "peons").

    Once you've found them, click on a name or three and see what you find.

    Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell
    Brian Sorkin went to Syracuse Law School. Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell
    Derek Swanson graduated from Iowa (clearly in the midwest).
    Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell
    And Cristin Traylor went to Quinnipiac.

    Screen Shot of Law Firm found through Martindale-Hubbell

    It's true that we didn't actually see Loyola-Chicago in this handful of associates' names from Sorkin to Traylor. But we did clearly see non-southern names, midwestern names, and names outside the "Top however-many-you-care-about."

    If you have the patience to look at 50 or 60 names, you'll be surprised at what you might find. True, most of the names will be what you expect -- Virginia, Wake Forest, Richmond. But there will be more than a few schools outside the region or the rank.

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