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We adopted this description when we uploaded our first web page, back in 1997. It was true then, and it's true now.

Every year we revise, amend, update, and review both content and format. Each year, our Recent News announces the major changes we've made, so that anyone who is mid-process doesn't get too confused. Throughout the year, we add more information — about application trends, conversations with admissions officers, the progress of our clients, new rules from LSAC — whatever we can give to help the disciplined and thorough applicant gain an advantage in the application process.

We know that everyone can't become our client; we now take only twenty a year. For the many others who would like to present their best application, we offer as comprehensive a service as we can without creating a conflict of interests between what we present here and what we reserve for those who pay for our services.

We continue to offer this information at no charge to you, and without selling advertising. We continue to keep our web page fast, clean and simple, so that we're as accessible to applicants living with dial-up lines and older hardware as we are to the more privileged economically and geographically. Our goal, back in 1997 and today, is to make this web page so comprehensive that the only way to get more personal information is to become one of our clients. We believe we've lived up to that goal.

So return to our Home Page. Spend a year with us, from your first thoughts of applying to law school to the last acceptance letter off the wait list. Take a break by meeting some of our success stories; drop in for a chat with a few admissions officers. We think you'll agree that we're the most complete law school admissions information source available anywhere.


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