Sample Transfer Information

Speaking of Transfers:

The word on the street is that the game is ever harder. I talked to a few admissions officers and heard something like this:

In order to admit a transfer, we need to believe we can find you a job, so you won't bring down our placement statistics. If you're young and have relatively little job experience and no awesome connections, we're much less likely to take you as a transfer in this economy.

What Employers Want

Employers want experience. They don't want to spend $20k on a summer intern who hasn't learned the meaning of hard work. That's why many law schools are starting to talk about "Experiential Learning," a/k/a work experience. While many schools are adding "experiential" components, two law schools (Drexel and Northeastern) have designed their programs around it. This week we've interviewed Dean of Admissions Issa Di Sciullo, of Drexel U. law school, about the importance of on-the-job training in today's legal environment. Click here for the interview.

This is not a complete list of the transfer information in our files. It is intended to show what is needed to transfer at many law schools (especially those likely to be higher ranked than the one at which you're currently accepted).  

Caveat: This data was collected in 1997. Transfers have become much bigger business since then. I only leave this up to show you the breadth of answers, but it would be very foolish to think that any school's answer is the same now as it was 11 years ago.

Codes:  UG/L Bal = relative weight on undergrad or law school record; LawRank = preferred rank in your law school class; L Recs = recommendations from law school professors; P.S. = personal statement like the one required for admission to the 1L class; Why Tsfr = a "why do you want to attend our school?" essay.

Name #apps # adm UG/L Bal Law
P.S.? Why
Notes and Comments
ALBANY               overall 33% no pref'd pref'd Seems easy
AMERICAN        10-20 law ++ 10-15% Pref No Yes B+ avg.
ARIZONA STATE 60 0-5 law + 5% yes yes yes residents pref'd
CAL-BERKELEY        30 law ++ 5% 2 yes pref'd       
CAL-HASTINGS        0                                    class overenrolled
CAL-UCLA        20-30 law ++        2 yes less       
CARDOZO 40 10-15 overall 10% 1+ yes yes       
CHICAGO 85-90 15-17 Law ++ 5-25% 1+ pref'd no rank depends on school
COLORADO        5 both 10-20% 1+ yes yes ugrad competitive
COLUMBIA                                                  would not answer
CORNELL        10-15 law + 5%-25% 2 pref'd no rank depends on school
DUKE        <20 law ++ 10% 2 yes incl rank depends on school
FLORIDA        ? law + 10-33% pref yes incl no res. pref.
GEORGETOWN        25-35 law ++ 5-10% 1+ no yes       
GEORGIA        4-6               yes no yes       
GEORGIA STATE        20-25 overall        pref yes yes       
ILLINOIS        1-5 law ++ 10% 2 yes yes no res. pref.
INDIANA-BLOOMINGTON        5-10 law ++ > B no pref'd no resident pref.
LEWIS AND CLARK        ?? both 10%                      UG must be competitive
LOYOLA-CHICAGO                                                  would not answer
LOYOLA-L.A.        20-25 law + 33% pref pref'd pref'd       
MARYLAND 75-90 10-12 law ++ 33% 1+ yes pref'd       
MIAMI        10-15 overall 20% no no no       
MICHIGAN        15-35 law ++ 5% 1+ pref'd yes residents 80 %
MINNESOTA        6-10 overall        1 no yes no res. pref.
NEW YORK - SUNY        6-10 law + B+ avg. 2 yes incl no res. pref.
NORTH CAR. CHAPEL HILL 25-30 3-5 separate 1/3 min. pref yes yes UG competitive
NORTHWESTERN        10-15 law + 10% 1+ yes no       
NOTRE DAME        2-20 overall 10-15% pref yes yes       
OREGON        15 separate 33% 2 yes no not from bottom tier
PENN 40-50 5-8 law ++ 10% 2 yes pref'd       
PEPPERDINE        >15 law + 10-25 % no pref'd yes       
PITTSBURGH        7 overall 10-20 % 2 yes yes       
SOUTHERN CAL.        5 law ++ 10%        yes        not helpful
SOUTHERN METHODIST        5-10 law + 10% 1+ yes yes rank depends on school
TEMPLE        7-8 law 90 % 20% ? yes pref'd       
TEXAS        5-10 overall 10-25 % pref yes incl rank depends on school
TULANE 20        overall 33% pref yes yes       
VANDERBILT        5-10 law ++ 10-15% pref yes incl       
WAKE FOREST        5 law ++ 10-15% pref no yes       
WASHINGTON        2-3 overall               yes no resident pref.
WASHINGTON (MO.) 40 25 law + 10-25% no no yes       
WASHINGTON AND LEE        0                                          
WILLIAM AND MARY        0-15 overall        1+ yes yes       
WISCONSIN        7 overall        no yes yes       
YALE        10 law ++ top 2 pref'd pref'd rank depends on school

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