Move Early!

As I review my posts about moving from Seattle to North Carolina, I find that the journey also created a journal. Each post is part of the same message: moving is rough; do it as early as you can!

February 27th

Durham or DC? Either way I finish packing in the next 72 hours and start to drive, with Lou's kind help. I spent the day mending everything I own, so no matter what I pull out of the box it'll be wearable.

With the weather so uncertain, we've mapped four different routes from west coast to east, and know every travel planner available. Did you know the Weather Channel has a page where you can plan your route by the weather? My big concern is avoiding ice.

March 2

Last night we had the big fabulous goodbye dinner -- three former employees, clients past and present, family and friends. We stayed out too late, couldn't sleep though all the nerves, then had to drive!

We got a late start this morning and made it as far as Spokane (300 miles). We hope to go twice that far tomorrow. The final destination is still a toss-up; folks from DC and NC are both trying to reach me. I hope to get a better idea of what my plans are tomorrow -- but then I've always been an optimist. Heck, who but an optimist would put all her worldly possessions in a truck and drive across the country with no known destination.

March 4

We've made it to Billings, MT ahead of a snow storm, so we're feeling pretty good. There is no phone service in the Rockies; I haven't had T-Mob yet, but tomorrow I may see whether Lou will let me use his AT&T. We passed towns called Fishtrap, Bearmouth, Anaconda (or Anaconda Opportunity, we weren't sure whether that was one town or two, but either way we chose to pass up the Opportunity), Buffalo Jump and Prairie Dog; White Sulfur Springs, and the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Discovery site; we weren't sure who was gonna discover whom. We've seen tumbleweed and ice fishing holes in Moses Lake, and crossed the Continental Divide, (which had such a tiny sign we barely noticed).

Tomorrow we pray to get out of the Rockies ahead of the snow storm and end in Sioux Falls, SD.

The final destination has turned out to be Durham; an old acquaintance offered me a great deal on a rental property she owns. We reached Omaha tired but with no problems. Tomorrow we're putting in a long drive so we can sleep on Thursday in Durham.

March 6

Well, the plans didn't quite work, nor did the weather map. It wasn't snowing on I-90, but the wind was blowing dry snow ("powder," I think the skiers call it) across the road so fiercely that we were forced to pull off the road and spend a night in Gillette Wyoming. It's a good thing I bought the AAA travel insurance.

It was worth it, though; we needed the rest, had a steak dinner compliments of the insurance company, and headed out much more rested on Wednesday. Everything's on schedule for a safe landing in Durham, NC tomorrow. The unloading and returning the truck still feels a little tricky, but since everything's gone relatively well so far, I'll keep trusting in the forces of the universe.

March 7

Chaos descends, as the house appears to be not habitable. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode.

March 9

The house is now habitable. It'll still be a while before I'm finished settling in, but I'm ready to set up my office.

March 13th

Today is "find the screws for the desk" day. The computer is already up, we put the files back in the file cabinet, admissions books on the shelves, etc. Soon enough we'll be up and running.

March 14th

Wednesday night, my last night in a hotel. Tomorrow the cable gets turned on and I have a new office, and thus a new home.

March 16th

If you read my personal blog, you know that the office is upstairs and the internet is downstairs. But I finally found the flash drives, so the computers can send notes to each other.

March 28th

The miracle of modern communication has arrived in Durham, NC. Suzy's son Adam saved me from hours of frustration by installing the modem and router and linking the laptop to the desktop faster then I could have read the instructions.

April 1st

Well, I lost a bet with myself on a TKO. I planned the whole schedule for the year, but a thunderstorm kept me from posting it. Welcome back to Durham! Unplug all the computers, TVs, anything else that you don't want to fry. Suddenly I remembered why I own so many books, jigsaw puzzles, and crafts projects. This puts me a day behind schedule on a few projects, but a little bit of hustle today should fix that.

I'll save the "six days without electricity" stories until after I catch up from yesterday's lost time.

April 11th

Trying to establish a home, a business, and a life all at once is more chaotic than I remembered, but that may be because I don't have a half-dozen helpers, as I did on my other two big moves. Suzy's son Adam (who will soon be introduced as the official new employee (sorry, Erika), has been very helpful when he's not at his other job, as has Suzy, but it's not nearly as satisfying as bringing in the SWAT team and getting it done in a week.

April 12th

The mail carrier met me at the boxes. Mine had been jimmied open, so I have to get mail from the Post Office for another two weeks.

Seeing how long everything takes just to get to a minimal standard of living gives me a better understanding of why my clients are so disorganized. If you can't just pick up the phone or pay someone to get a thing done, it's a lot harder to say the LSAT or the applications come first

May 6th

The business is officially up and running; I've sent out my first contracts for the summer LSAT course. All boxes labeled "business" are unpacked, but the few missing items make me wonder about some of the unlabeled boxes. If I have to buy a new laser pointer for lectures, I'll live.

May 22nd

I'm legit! I have a mailbox! I had to force the issue, because Aaron's house sold and I couldn't keep forwarding from his address. I went so totally West Philly on the post office staff that they moved me up to the head supervisor. To shut me up, he came out himself, and in 30 minutes, a new mailbox, abracadabra!

In other local news, I AM right to shut down everything during thunder storms. A local 20-unit condo development was struck by lighting and burned to the ground! The heat and humidity are incredible; when my keyboard Strasghrts typlibnj like that it's time to turn on the air conditioning.

June 1st

As soon as it started to get hot, I realized I should have put the office downstairs, where it's cooler. We didn't have to worry about that in Seattle. After some consideration, I decided I'm not going to move 1400 books and a 600 videos and DVDs on a whim; it'll wait until I paint, and have to move all the books anyway.

August 1

Sometime between June and now the office got painted, the furniture and books got moved, and I squeezed in a trip to the DC Law Forum. I figured out (actually, the AAA man figured out) that my battery kept dying because the wood we were carrying back from Home Depot was hitting a light switch over the back seat. I didn't even know there was a light over the back seat, having never sat there.

So here I am, a mere five months after loading the truck, finally settled in enough to call this place home.

September 17 P.S.

On September 1 my acquaintance decided I complain too much and gave me notice. I'll be moving again next week :)

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