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As I stress in my philosophy of education, learning can be thought of as memorization or as problem-solving; curiosity about how things work, what words mean, what something looks like, all tend to increase your likelihood of being prepared for an adult life, whether in school, and a job, or as the manager of a house and family.

The more the children are encouraged to learn and explore, not by memorizing words and math problems on flashcards but by actually understanding the concepts behind the thing on the card, the more likely that child is to succeed in an American graduate or professional school, as well as at many jobs. (There are a number of stories about job interviews at places like Microsoft in which the applicant walks into an office, and a problem is described, or a math problem is written on the board, and the applicant is encouraged to "think out loud" about the problem. The ones who have a positive and novel approach are most likely to be hired.)

Learning by exploring is something that children can begin at a very early age, if the parents encourage them to do so. Knowing that the baby will inevitably try the cereal bowl on as a hat, and that, messy as that may be, it is a positive step in the child's development, is the first step on the road to a superior education. (A good step in parental problem-solving is learning to give the child an empty bowl to play with for a while.)

Whether you choosing a toy for three-year-old or an internship for college student, think about the opportunities to learn and develop, not about whether it will look good on some measurement of status.

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