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It's been 30 years since the DeLoggio achievement program expanded from LSAT prep to law school admissions; then to law school admissions for students with disabilities, international students, minority students, and every other variety of nontraditional student.

It's been about 20 years since we added medical and business schools, college preparation, and even homeschooling to our list of services for people trying to achieve their personal goals. At the same time, we began consulting for law schools, helping them reach more applicants or improve the US news rankings.

Once I became a member of Quora, in 2015, I rapidly began adding advice about interviewing, job applications, career choices, and anything else necessarily related to building your future. At the same time, I added quite a few other things on Quora that are not related to education, and are not linked to this board. But so much of what I wrote on Quora was relevant to education of some sort that I have completely redesigned the webpage to allow for our traditional concerns with law school admissions as well as the many other educational services we provide.

There is a significant amount of overlap, especially when discussing job searches, interviews, etc., but in general, the links in the left-hand column concern law school, while the links on the right address the many other aspects of education in which we've become experts.

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Law School Applications May Be Rising

"Big Law" Starting Salaries Rise to $180K

What the Admissions Officers Said

Law School Prognostications and Predictions

I Told You That Bar Exam Scores Would Drop!

Binding Early Decision?

The Value of an Admissions Consultant

Beware of Experts!

Where Do I Get the Data?

Analysis of a Law School

Another One Bites the Dust!

The Cost of Admission

Is It Worth Going to Law School to Become a Prosecutor?

First the Numbers, Then...?

What's Happening to Law School (2015)?

Who's Working Where?

Geography and Reputation

Geography and Population

AndrewWeill's answer toWhat-is-the-hardest-part-of-becoming-a-lawyer?

How did Roscoe Pound become a Judge and Dean of Harvard Law school without ever acquiring a degree of law?

Do you think it's dumb for a 33 y.o. to take up law degree merely because they like laws and feel it will give them a sense of pride?

What is a good way to learn the fundamentals of the law?

How can I pursue law after engineering? What are the courses available?

Do open book tests/exams in college/university involve critical reading, critical reasoning or critical thinking skills, or all of them?

Many of these (through June 2015) had been posted on my Facebook DeLoggio Achievement page -- Facebook or on the 5th Edition of this page. But they have never been posted on Quora, so only the DeLoggio Copyright applies.

English, Econ, and Law.





The links below this line are proprietary to neither the DeLoggio Achievement Program nor Quora. They may have been linked to one or both sites, but without copyright:

NALP listing of legal employers by law school

How Much Do Law Firms Pay?

Standard 509 Reports -- ABA law school data

Official Guide To ABA-Approved Law Schools Archives

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