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Why is it that I have to have one page for undergraduate and a separate page for law schools, but not for any other graduate degrees?
Someone who knows enough about other graduate degrees could probably assemble good answers for the differences between one medical school and another; I'm not that person. I've spent 35 years helping people get into law school, and only occasionally help people get into any other school.
But an inevitable part of the law school admissions decision is the quality of the undergraduate institution, so I've learned an awful lot about colleges and universities while helping people get into law school. And I've also learned that admission to college and admission to law school are very different, primarily because of the vastly different sizes of the class.

Colleges can have an entering class as small as 100 or as large as 10,000. Law schools can also have an entering class as small as 100, but the largest is about 600. If you Georgetown, and you're feeling 500 seats out of 14,000 applications, you have to be much more selective than if you're an undergrad filling 10,000 seats out of 18,000 applications.

While I have some knowledge of what it takes to be admitted to various medical schools are business schools, I certainly don't have enough to devote a single page just to choosing between institutions, so I've included that with my general admissions advice on each of those subjects. But when it comes to law schools, I think it's fair to say that I know more than anyone else, and more than I even dare publish.

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