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This will be the hardest page right, and the most likely to contain incorrect information. That's partly because financial aid is not a constant. Certain executive orders passed by Pres. Barack Obama may be overruled by Pres. Donald Trump. Federal and state legislatures can also affect scholarship and loan programs as well as rates of interest on those loans.

More importantly, each school gets to juggle money however they please. This year (2017), I helped a young man gain admission to Macalester College. His financial aid package was perhaps $50,000 in scholarships and something under $10,000 in loans. He also received private scholarships in excess of $17,000. Macalester's policy is to let you keep the first $500 of a private scholarship, then to reduce their financial aid package by half of the remainder. Thus, if you get $1000 scholarship, you will get to keep $500 plus half of the second $500, or $750. Nowhere does McAllister publish whether the amount of the financial aid package they reduce is the grant part or the loan part, or perhaps the work-study offer. Since McAllister college need not publish this, there is no way to calculate in advance the amount of scholarship and loan you will receive.

Multiply that times 5,000 colleges, perhaps three times that many graduate and professional schools (since there is no rule stating that the graduate English department calculates financial aid in the same way that the graduate physics department does), and factor in changes created by the legislature. That means that there is a really high chance that what I'm telling you here applies to you in some vague and general way, but can hardly be taken as a statement of YOUR financial aid package.

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