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This page has nothing to do with students from India who want to go to school in India, or with students from Spain who want to go to school in Spain – or in India. I don't know anything about how to get into schools anywhere except in the United States, and I hope that my many posts have made that clear.

There is the tiniest smidgen of overlap in LLM programs for international students, as well as in students from other countries' applying to colleges or law schools in the United States, but I can only address these issues from the point of view of the schools here.

What I can tell you about the schools in your country (with the possible exception of England) is that the systems are so very different from those in the United States, and are so much more driven by numbers, that students from other countries rarely understand the admissions system in the United States, and keep wondering why we're hiding secrets from them to hoard our schools for ourselves. Most applicants from other countries (as well as many applicants from the United States, actually) don't understand that admissions is not mathematical, it is not merit-based, and it cannot be quantified.

Admissions at most colleges and graduate schools in the United States is based on a combination of factors, and there is no mathematical formula. This is not the US News ranking, where we add 12 1/2% times your LSAT score to 10% times your GPA, add in 5% based on the amount of money spent on each student and 2 1/2% on job placement. In fact, most schools don't like the US News rankings precisely because they lead to the illusion that there is a numerical formula of some sort that makes one school ranked 17th and another school ranked 18th.

This is absurd. The United States has perhaps 5000 colleges (including community colleges) and 125 of the top 500 colleges in the world are in the United States. While there's certainly not enough room for everyone who wants to go to any particular school, there's enough room for anyone who is qualified to attend SOME top school.

For most international students, however, the problem lies not so much in admissions as in financial aid. People are just as eager to come to the United States for the thrill of a good education as people from Central America are to come for a steady job. But in general, except for the few schools that are entirely need-blind, international students are expected to pay at least part of their own way.

Since most of the "need-blind" schools are among the elite institutions, the desperate drive to get into Stanford or MIT is based as much on financial considerations as it is on the legendary quality of the schools. But many international students would be surprised to find that they can get into a lower-ranked school that they may not have heard of on a full tuition scholarship. And we're talking about quality educations. A school ranked 100th may not sound great when you come from a country that doesn't have 100 colleges; but when the United States has 2000 four-year institutions, the top 100 is pretty darned good.

So most of the message in this section is going to be, "No, you can't have what you want; but you can have something." If you're willing to hear that, read along, and if not, see if you can find someone else to help you.

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