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Every single application belongs to a set of applications that are virtually identical. And every single application has to be carefully checked to see whether it is different in some way.

For instance, at the college level, many schools use the common information application, which assigns five essay choices from which you may choose one. But a reasonable number of schools offer one or more additional essays within their application.

Medical, dental, and other health professions generally start with the same essay, along with grades and recommendations. But if the school to which you are applying likes your first round application, it will send you a second round application, which will have a different set of essay questions; or it may have the same essay questions as some other schools, but with different maximum lengths.

Law schools also use a common information application; but within that section marked "Essays," you may find a single short essay or a half-dozen. And within other sections of the application, there may be spaces for 10 to 12 line answers that aren't considered "essays."

Resumes, activities, interviews, all overlap, but none are necessarily the same. This section of the DeLoggio webpage addresses the generalities; but it also points you to individual differences that may be linked under sections for law, medicine, and business.

And some sections will be linked backwards. Since this webpage began its life as a law school learning tool, many of the sections that were originally written for law schools will be cross-linked to generic essays. For instance, the law school diversity and adversity essays are almost precisely what the health professions want as their primary application essay. But business schools want something completely different!

In undertaking the task of talking about schools generally as well as specifically, there will certainly be some overlap, and certainly some room for disagreement. And even if something were absolutely correct when I write it today, some school will change its rules next week!

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Many of these (through June 2015) had been posted on my Facebook DeLoggio Achievement page -- Facebook or on the 5th Edition of this page. But they have never been posted on Quora, so only the DeLoggio Copyright applies.

In choosing answers to move from Quora, as well as in adding topics of interest to applicants, this entire webpage will be noticeably light in the STEM subjects. There are two reasons for that:

  1. achievement in the stem subjects is so uniform that it is virtually the opposite of the concept of diversity. SATs, SAT twos, APs, science balls, apps, publications… And where is there room for community service, unless it's tutoring younger people in the list above? As a result, schools are forced to desperately seek diversity of some sort, or to simply take the people with the highest academic awards, and the highest are uniformly very high.
  2. Just as the accomplishments tend to be uniform, so do the weaknesses. Writing style is poor, and interviewing style is often poorer; SAT verbal scores trail math scores by more than 100 points; and writing or essay scores are average at best.

All of the things in which I specialize are at odds with the typical STEM file. To the extent that I can help STEM student succeed, it is by taking them away from the STEM model and away from the sense STEM schools.

Answering Wait List Letters

Thoughts on Finishing Early, By Rick Geiger, former Dean of admissions at Cornell law school.




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