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Graduate programs tend to be disregarded and misunderstood, unless they are in the STEM subjects. Apparently, people associate a Masters degree in physics with better job opportunities, while they associate a Masters degree in history with a lazy fool who doesn't want to get a real job.

While it is certainly true that a Masters in computer science is more likely to show up in your paycheck than a Masters in history might, but is also true that if you're going to be a high school history teacher, that Masters degree will definitely show up in your paycheck in most public school systems. And someone has to teach history; we're positive that hardly anyone actually knows it yet!

Whether you're applying for graduate degree in engineering or in English, the process is very similar. Unlike either professional degrees or undergraduate degrees, a graduate academic degree is much more likely to depend on a good fit between the applicant's field of interest and that of the professor at a particular school under whom the applicant wishes to study. This "fit" should show not only in the statement of purpose, but also in academic or work history as well as recommendations. Schools are much more likely to admit someone who has some reason to believe that they want to study a particular field than they are to admit someone who thinks that that same field sounds kinda cool.

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The Perfect Ph.D. Formula

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Does knowing a senior lecturer personally in regards to tertiary education admissions provide any assistance in gaining admission into an institution?

Do you think it is better to provide recommendation letters once an initial acceptance by a graduation school has been made? (not with the app package)

Should I ask a professor to act as a recommendation ..., after he did not respond to a request for a reference letter six months ago?

What Isn't in the Numbers

I got 312 in GRE (Q-165) ....Can I get admission in masters ,,, or University of Minnesota?

My ets first test score was 307 (169-Q,138-V).How shold I prepare for my gre exam wich is on 31st of this month?

How should a resume for a college application look like?

What are the profiles of students selected for the mechanical engineering MS program at MIT?

How can I get a into USC as a graduate student?

Should I mention the specific area of CS, that I am interested in doing research on, in my Statement of Purpose?

When writing a Statement of Purpose for graduate school admission at top us universities. Should you write a single, perfected, statement?

If an Engineering student has an average of 70%, what equivalent GPA would a Liberal Arts major have?

What is the policy for retaking the GRE test?

Which is more prestigious: Cornell, Columbia, or NYU?

Which graduate (MA) program would be better? University of Chicago or Stanford?

What are the usual sources of funding for students in US graduate schools?

How difficult is it to get accepted into an MSc program in Computer Science at a top school if your undergraduate degree is in Games Arts, Digital Animation or Filmmaking?

Most data in the US indicate that History professors are one of the lowest paid, and the job pool has been shrinking rapidly. Should I still pursue what I love by applying to PhD, or should I take my chances elsewhere?

How does one become a respected academic?


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