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In the United States, one takes an LLM course after acquiring a JD. The LLM is rarely necessary for job potential, with a few exceptions, most noticeably tax law, some international law, and some legal education programs.

In most other countries, the law degree is an undergraduate degree. Until recently, a person with an undergraduate law degree from another country could not take the bar exam or practice law in the United States. However, New York, California, and a few other jurisdictions allow people with a JD from another country to practice law in the United States if they get an LLM in international law and pass the bar exam here. The requirements are best laid out by the American Bar Association.

So, for most people LLM requirements are irrelevant; but for international students attempting to enter the US legal market, they are the simplest way, because they rarely require an LSAT score, although they do require a TOEFL score. They also tend to require a lot of money; international LLM programs are rarely eligible for domestic financial aid

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A link to requirements for international lawyers by state

States allowing international lawyers to practice:

practice in the US by international students

DON'T be misled by all that yellow shading; that allows a lawyer to "consult" in the US, but not to practice law. The most liberal is a jurisdiction with the gray and black doughnut; The yellow is the most stringent.