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Doctor, lawyer, accountant, dentist. (My fear of being accused of racism prevents me from reciting the original Mother Goose rhyme.)
Some people go to school to do something they love; I happen to be one of those fortunate people  I knew before I started law school that I wanted to work in law.  I found this out rather serendipitously, by becoming involved in a fairly protracted lawsuit after I ran my hand through a shredder, and having done all the legal research myself.  Cross-examining a doctor was a heady thing indeed!

Other people seem not to care so much what they do, so long as it pays the right amount of money.  People who are good at science will run down the line of premed, pre-dental, pre-vet; business types will balance accounting-finance-CPA with economics-management-MBA.  And some people seem to have no preference at all and will take the LSAT, the GMAT, and the GRE, and see which they can parlay into the biggest-name school with the largest starting salary.

This page will help you to see some of the basic differences among the law/medicine/business options, and individual pages under this heading will tell you more about the different options.

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