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While we upgrade to our 6th edition, you still have complete access to our 5th edition.

No matter which test you're taking,
the steps tend to be pretty much the same.

You need to decide which tests you need and register for them.
  • if you think you might be eligible for a fee waiver, you should explore that even before you register; often, money that has been paid will not be refunded.
LSAC Law School Web Site

AMCAS Fee Waivers

Free SAT Diagnostic Test You need to take a diagnostic test, to determine your strengths and weaknesses.
Planning Your Schedule You need to plan a study schedule that works for you. I find that after about an hour and a half, the amount of work you retain decreases sharply, but either you or your coach need to decide whether that's true for you.
  • You need to allow enough time to prepare, starting with the assumption of 10 to 15 hours a week, and comparing with your target score .

You should also try to find out how much weight the test scores carry in the admissions decision; there's almost always a minimum score, but in some fields of study, like law school,the LSAT carries a great deal of weight; while in non-professional graduate studies, the test score generally doesn't carry as much weight.

Ohio State U's Minimum TOEFL Scores

Test Prep Materials

You need to find a course, books, or a coach or tutor that best suits your weaknesses and your budget.

Be sure to review the book yourself; not everyone learns the same way.

You need to carefully review the rules of the test concerning what materials are permitted and what are forbidden. If you're taking more than one type of test (e.g. SAT and SAT2) be sure to check whether the rules are the same for each type of test, like this list of materials permitted in the LSAT room. NOTE that only wooden pencils are permitted.

Permitted into the LSAT Room

You should study using methods most like the ones you'll use on test day. The LSAT is only given on paper, but LSAC offers practice questions online.
Other tests are only available online, but prep books are on paper.
Is the test on paper or online?

You should also make yourself familiar with the material on the test; any time a reading passage or other prompt asks you about a subject with which you're unfamiliar, take time that day to make yourself familiar with the material. Content tends to repeat itself over the years, and the best way to figure out what you need to know is by seeing what has been tested on in the past.

Reading Passage from the LSAT

All of these rules are the same no matter what test you're taking; preparation, planning a schedule, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, working on content, and allowing the time you need are the prerequisites to getting a good score on any test.



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