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While we upgrade to our 6th edition, you still have complete access to our 5th edition.

Read While You Wait

You're on a wait list, or you've sent all your apps and are waiting to hear.  Or you've heard and you're waiting to start.  You've read every chat board, memorized the USNews rankings, and talked to everyone who shows even the slightest bit of interest. Now what should you do?

Law school anxiety before you even get there is common. You've heard (correctly) that it's the hardest thing you'll ever face, as hard as two or three semesters of college at once. And it's true.

To survive law school, you need your brain to be in 5th gear. Start revving your mental engine NOW.

So how can you prepare yourself for this harrowing (in the literal sense of breaking up and leveling) event?

By looking up anything at all on my Wiki Cultural Enrichment list.

By learning the more recent history you don't know through You Tube.

By reading high-vocabulary magazines:

  Atlantic Monthly
National Geographic
The New Yorker
Mother Jones
Harper's Magazine
The Nation
The New Republic

No matter what your intellectual or political leanings, one of those should suit you. Notice that Time, Newsweek, People, and Sports Illustrated aren't on the list. They're generally written for people with a high school to college vocabulary, and it's time to aim higher.

And by looking at some of the several dozen commonly recommended books .

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